Monday, November 11, 2013

Life: Life's weekly Quote: Courage

Be Courageous...

      ... This was Life's very 1st quote of the week (link.. Life's weekly Quote: Courage).  What does this mean to you?

Being Courageous can mean many things, depending on who you ask!

  • To a struggling mother who scrapes to put food on the table or clothes on her children's backs.. It could mean not allowing her children to see the fear or worry in her eyes when she looks at them.
  • To a person with cancer (or another horrible illness) it could mean being strong and believing in thier faith or not allowing the people around them to always see them in fear and pain.
  • or To a student who is dealing with troubles, not  allowing others to get the best of them and still striving through to be the best they can be.
Courage is the strength that we have within us to make it through what ever challenge we may be battling.. no matter how big or small!  Believing in ourselves enough to know that we can truly do whatever we set our minds at doing; and focusing and striving enough to make it happen!

So.. Be Courageous today, tomorrow, and the next day; and battle through your challenges like I know you can...  AND believe enough in yourself to KNOW that you can too!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Artificial Intelligence Human Like Robot .. Cool or Creepy

Technology has come a LONG way.. and this is just one example of just how far!!  I have watched this a number of times and every time I realize how intelligent the robot really is and how it tends to function freely with it's thoughts.. as we do! 

"Phillip" is one example of how Artificial Intelligence is being used, and with this one I wondered if this was really cool or a little creepy... I guess a little of both (lol).  

Check out the interview and let me know what you think...

Is the Artificial Intelligence Human Like Robot 2012 ...  

.... Cool or a little Creepy? 

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Lakewood High School - is the WINNER- Katy Perry Roar Contest

Congrats to Lakewood High School - the WINNER- of the Katy Perry Roar Contest!!

Great Job, Lakewood!! 

** If you missed all the finalists in this contest you can see them here!!  

Friday, October 11, 2013

Who do you think will win?

It's great to see the Spirit in these High Schools as the compete in the Katy Perry ROAR contest!!

Which video is your favorite?  I loved the all!

*Here's a look at the Ultimate Challenge details first:

ROAR Finalist #1: Verrado High School's ROAR

ROAR Finalist #2: Lakewood High School's ROAR

ROAR Finalist #3: Spanish Springs High School's ROAR

ROAR Finalist #4: Texas' Cooper High School's ROAR

ROAR Finalist #5

I would hate to be the judge in this because they are all so good!  Way to go all of you who made the finals; and all the other schools as well.  I couldn't find any other's, but share a link if your High School made a ROAR video for this contest!!

**Which video did you like the best?  Who do you think will win?

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Supporting Brandie Love!

The  Sept. 18th, 2013 performance on the X Factor auditions show, by Brandie Love from Rocky Mount, NC was amazing!!  Her beautiful voice & fantastic song choice wowed the judges and received 4 yeses!! (You go Girl!!)

Shockingly Simon had nothing but good to say and her family was so proud and supporting!!


This story gets my attention because I know some of  her family and she has worked so hard to accomplish this dream!!  In the previous days her likes have sky-rocketed to over 100,000; and I believe once auditions are finished up, she will have triple that in no time!!  

Just thought that I would share a great story & I hope you join me in supporting Brandie as she continues this wonderful journey or making her dream of singing come true!! :)

Friday, September 20, 2013

Boy asks Santa to Make Kids Stop Bullying his Twin Sister

This is such a bitter sweet story!  Sad to see that a young girl has to deal with such ignorant behavior while trying to get an education, but so glad that she has a brother that loves her so much that he wrote to Santa to help her..

.. and so glad that celebrities can take time out of their busy lives to show support!!  Great story!!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Life's Weekly Quote: Are you Missing Out?

When I saw this quote, "Life is HAPPENING right now- Outside your screens" I knew it was perfect for this week's Life quote... and I thought the drawing was super cute too. (lol)

Everywhere we look, someone is on some type of technology.. the world is passing us by and we aren't even catching a glimpse... at times that is!

This week our community lost a wonderful lady who had been battling leukemia and it really brings this quote into perspective...

** Take time, put devices down, and make it a point to share these special moments with the people you love!  If it is only at dinner time or on a date night leave it at home or on silent.  

Don't let the world pass you by... Hope you all have a wonderful week!! :)

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Living the Chaotic Life

Just wanted to say that I am sorry about not being around much.. things have been complete chaos around here all summer; and I try not to bore you all with all of my hardships and frustrations!  However, it is Life, & Life does come with all of these things; so, I am sure that you could relate!

Since my last Blog, So Close, Yet, So far Away, I have been completing Scholarship applications in hopes that I will get some help finishing up my degree program.  I would hate to know that I got this far and had to wait to come up with all that money to complete a few classes.

My current class is Stomping My Butt (lol).. wow, it is SO unbelievably hard; but it is my last week (Thank God); however, I did contact my adviser to ask for a break before my next class.  With the kids going back to school and all it would be nice to have a week off just to rest, get the house intact, and try to get my Office program re-installed (another story for another day, lol).

BUT... By the time my instructor got back to me.. another issue had occurred and therefor, I requested 2 weeks because this is what I see on my laptop screen now (UGH)...

Life has been CRAZY.. without a doubt, but I am trying to remind myself every time a new problem comes up, that 'Good things come to those who wait!'  I sure hope so because I have been waiting for quite a bit now; and hoping that good things start to flow my way SOON!

Anyways.. I just wanted you all to know that I haven't forgotten about 'Life'.. Just been experiencing the chaotic part of it lately.

I hope that you all are having a great day & know that happier thoughts are soon to come!! :)

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

So close, yet so far away

So.. I've been going to school 2010 And I'm  only four classes away from my degree. Only to find out I will not have enough money to pay for all of my remaining classes.
Trying to get a degree and get a better job... only to be shot down as I'm approaching the end!
The whole point and getting loans and grants is because not many people  have that kind of money to pay out of pocket for classes, at least I don't. 
My financial advisor assured me that there are grants and/or scholarships that I could apply for that can help me finish this journey, but there could be some out of pocket costs before I get done.. ugh.  This sucks!
For now... I'm hoping that things will go in my favor and I can finish a huge goal that I set for myself! However,  I do worry that with my luck they won't. 
Being so close only to get knocked down would be such a huge disappointment in life.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

A New Me: Feeling IT

A New Me: Feeling IT!:  Lately I've been feeling 'IT'  .. and by 'IT', I mean the laziness and the UGH feeling of being ...

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Relationship Wednesday.. Is there Power in Touch?

Is There Power in Touch?

Personally.. I think there is an enormous amount of  Power in Touch!!  

Take a massage for intense, everyone expresses how relaxing they are; leaving with a refreshed feeling and re energized.   Right?!  (I've never had one, but everyone that I have talked to that has had one, would agree)  However, the touch from someone you love (and loves you) is very romantic and connecting.. on so many levels!

Add some romance to your relationship this week by giving your significant other a massage or a nice back/foot rub; or just simply use the power of touch to spice up the romance in your relationship!! 

Have a Happy and Romantic Wednesday...  :) 

Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Nabi

My daughter's birthday was last month.  She had seen the Nabi in the sales paper and since it was only a few days till her birthday she circled it and put the paper on the fridge.  Gotta love how kids think; but it worked!

Actually, I had never heard of the Nabi before and I really wasn't sure what I was even looking for; but it wasn't hard to find once we arrived at the Best Buy.  I wish I would have realized that there were different age groups for the 3 different versions of the the Nabi Tablets, before I left home; because I had only left home with the amount I needed to get the one she had circled (which was the Nabi Jr.).

The Nabi is a awesome little gadget.. to say the least!!  It is a cool kids tablet that comes pre-loaded with game apps for your child's educational needs and you can add other apps, games, music, internet (with parental password protection and monitoring (+ more).

Comes to find out, the Nabi that we purchased is focused on the ages 3-6; and my daughter was turning 10.  The apps were focused on learning ABC's with drawing, coloring, and tracing letters and other cool little game apps for small kids, but not really something that she would enjoy or get any learning from!   BUT.. This wasn't a problem long. :)

I was actually shocked how easy it was to delete all the apps that I didn't need/want and add more to it in the Nabi Store, GooglePlay Store, and the Amazon App Store.

My daughter has has the Nabi for a little over a month now; and she LOVES it!!  We had been taking weekly trips to  see my mom in the hospital (an hour away), and the Nabi keeps her occupied... I just load any new games or music that she wants before we go; and she's set!  She also loves the fact that she has her own camera and video recorder that she can use whenever she wants too!

Although, I really wish that I would have bought the Nabi targeted to the 7-11 year old age group; because I would have had the educational games she'd benefit from (without having to pay or search forever for).  I can still say that this was the best $100 that I spent on a birthday present!  Not only is the Nabi something that can be updated with apps and music as she grows and her likes change; but I can add chores to her chore-lists app, and as she learns more responsibility I can change the credits she receives and the apps that are allowed to be purchased by her as well.

The Nabi is truly an awesome toy; and I would personally recommend it as a great gift for the child in your life!!  If you want to learn more about the Nabi and the different versions, you can learn more at .

Let me know what you think!?  :)

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Do you ever feel like Life has it out for you?

      I have been having a rough few months and it just doesn't seem to be getting any easy as time goes by.. just one thing after another all the time, weighing down on me like a huge rock!

     Most of you are unaware of the chaos that has been keeping me occupied lately; so, I guess I'll feel you in somewhat (not going to go into any major details though).  I am currently laid off from work; going on 2 months now and my husband doesn't have any work at the moment either (which really sucks).  My moms sugar dropped to 21 on May 24th; then, once that was taken care of she had a major reaction to some new meds which resulted in her cutting her wrist... now she is in rehab to get her strength back to come home; but they placed her in a facility over an hour away. (UGH).   Trying to make sure she has family visiting her, I have been taking this trip every week for over a month now (sometimes twice a week depending on how she is) and gas just ain't cheap!

     The last two/three weeks have been really tight, it's a new month and the bills are all due again!  Pinching here and there to keep groceries in the house and wondering when the storm will be over (so to speak) is very nerve-racking to say the least; but, Somehow things have always worked out in the past and will this time too, but until they do... stress is my middle name (lol).

     Just when you think your plate is full and you could not possibly handle another issue... LOOK! It's something else!  

     It's been raining non-stop (so it seems) for a good two weeks and the yards are drowned!  Finally it hasn't rained since Sunday morning and I decide to try to get a load or two of laundry done.. where we can have a few clean clothes, (lol) seems like they were running low.  Well.. this afternoon I decided to let the dog out and the pump sounded a little louder than normal; then my husband mentioned it all well when he walked out there.  I thought... "I really hope NOT, but be my luck (LOL)"!

     Well.. Guess what!!  ... You go it!  We have no freaking water!  The pump has decided that it will add to my list of stress and help contribute to my road to insanity (lol).  It just seems like when it rains, it floods; and I just can't seem to ever be on sturdy ground for any length of time!

     I have done really well the past couple months handling everything with my mom, family, kids, my job, school, and everything else.  I have actually been proud of myself for not dwelling on the things that I can't change and not stressing myself to death weeks before things had to be taken care of; because that used to be my normal way of dealing with stress (lol).  But, you know.. that is just too depressing and it will have you down in the dumps all the time; and that's not what I want!  However, these past weeks have really started to get the best of me.. it's like life has it out to get for me or something (lol).

  ... I don't mean to vent; and I know we all have had times when Life becomes a bit overwhelming or have had the feeling that the blows keep coming!  Just getting the thoughts out in this post (which will probably never get published) helps release stressing over it all.

     Everything will work out, it always does (due to no power of my own).. stressing or becoming depressed over things isn't going to hurt no one.. but me; and then it will be 100x worse than it is at this moment. :)  There are other's that have things way worse than I do and yet they still manage to look at the good vs. all the bad! ... as Dr. Phil would say, "That makes you a winner" (lol)


Monday, July 15, 2013

Life's Weekly Quote: Why Fit In?

Why Fit in, When You were Born to Stand out? ...

        The passage says it all in this awesome page that one of my MMS friends did for her child whom is going off into the real world for the first time on their own.  Great advice for all young adults especially, but each and every one of us as well!!

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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Being a Mom in School

   In March of 2010, I returned to school after many years and it took me a while to get a schedule that allowed me to do get the housework and all of my school work done while the kids were at school themselves.  Soon I got the hang of things and had a schedule that worked for everyone, but as the classes grew harder, so did the effectiveness of my schedule because it was taking longer to grasp the material.  However, somehow I still managed to make good grades and pass my classes!

    A little over a year ago I returned to work, adding more weight on my shoulders; but determined to still accomplish what I set out to do!

   Being a mom in School is Hard!!  However, I think that allowing my girls to see me working hard at a better future is rewarding!

   With everything that has been going on personally, I was thankful that I was taking an elective and not a class that required so much of my time reading and writing papers; but I honestly enjoyed learning more about Photoshop and do wish I would have had more time to play with all the cool features (lol).

   When class ended, I knew it was time from a break!  I have been taking class after class, back-to-back for a while now and I am about to take a difficult one; therefore, I decided to take 2 weeks off and just relax a little bit and get some things done that I have been neglecting in the house (ugh.. I know, but it's gotta be done).

    Being a mom in school is hard, but You know what?... You never know what you are made of until you push yourself to accomplish it!

    I have been going for a while, forever it seems; and I have been feeling discouraged and worn out because I had been taking Maths and other classes that don't reflect on what I am going to school for.  BUT.. after this next one is over.. I have nothing but the degree classes I am studying left.. woo hooo. I can't wait to be done!!  I will be finished and accomplished a huge goal in my life; and that will be well worth it all!!

   If I can do it.. then so can you!! ... Go after what you want in Life!!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Life's Weekly Quote: Endless Possibilities

Consider what Would be Possible if.... 

You didn't live Life by the expectations and limitations that other people have put on you.
You be in charge of going as far as you know you can.  
 Work harder than you thought you could. and longer than you think you should...
never say no to an idea until you consider what might be possible!

Special Thanks to..

Is Compromise 'Really' That Important?

 Lately I have been thinking about Compromising as I see many relationships that are just beginning, hanging by a thread, thriving, and also a few that are ending.  How important is compromise in a relationship?

  I am NO expert on relationships, but it is my opinion that we should Pick our Battles!

  My husband and I have had our far share of disagreements over the years, but if we argued over every little thing that we want to be right or win in ... well, we would be fussing all the time; and WHO has time for that!

 A relationship is supposed to be about having fun, being there for one another, and wanting to spend time with the other person.  (Don't get me wrong.. there is other stuff too, but just wanted to name a few)

  However, let's face facts... we are going to disagree and have to learn to compromise a little along the way; but we don't have to fight each and every thing out.. it's compromise! (It seems like all the successful relationships that I have seen have this key factor.)

  Let me be clear... I am not saying that we should let anyone run all over us, make us do things we don't feel comfortable with, or that our partners should have it their way all the time.  I AM saying.. Pick your Battles!

  Arguing over the silly things like what you're watching on TV prevent us from enjoying the moment of just being together.. Compromise by saying who ever gets the remote now has to watch what the other wants to afterwards.  Why not?  I mean, DVR it for later if you have to (I believe this is an option for many of us today)!  Getting mad, fussing, and going to bed/leaving angry isn't going to help your relationship at all, it's going to hurt it (in my opinion, that is).

  I believe that when we learn to compromise about the little things our relationship gains a unique quality.. Communication. Working together without an argument says a lot in a relationship (however, there will be one on occasion).  I believe this makes a relationship stronger for the tougher times that may be ahead.

 **So..  Is compromise 'really' that important in your relationship?
~Consider this the next time you feel an argument approaching or you need to compromise with your partner. Try talking things out and coming to a decision that you both can agree on; and see how it affects your relationship.  Let me know!! :)

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Missing In Action

 Hello Readers..

I just wanted to post quickly and say that I am sorry that I have been MIA lately..

I have had a few family issues to deal with in the past weeks (months) that have required my full attention.  I am hoping that things will slow down soon and get back to normal, but I just don't know if that is still a possibility or not!

The past few weeks have really made me think about how we treasure the people in our lives, how the small things can make a huge impact, how our medical system is out of whack, and how caring for our aging parents can be challenging!  I will share some of these thoughts in my future posts, but for now I just don't think it would be such a good idea!

 But for now.. I just want you all to know I haven't dropped off the Blogging Map (lol) or missing in action any longer; and ask you to keep my family in your thought and prayers if you'd like! (& Thanks in advance)

I hope all is well with each one of you; and that you are learning something new with each given day & that you are showing those you love, just how much! :)

See ya Soon!    


Thursday, May 30, 2013

Is your Comment viewed as Spam?

I have received many comments on my Blog recently... most of them are great comments saying how much they love my blog ((Thanks)), but they don't fit the topic being discussed... or they are brief comments on the blog, but clearly trying to link their site! .. and sadly I don't publish these comments because they don't add to the Topic Conversation.. and I hate that!!

I understand wanting to share your Blog or Website, and get more traffic... So, I have added a spot for everyone to do just that!!

I want my readers to find new places on the web that they enjoy.. But I want them to also read valuable comments to the conversations they are reading as well.

So.. If you want to share a link or shout out a short comment with your link, I have created a place for that!  And I won't publish any more replies to other conversations that don't benefit it.. if they are links, I'll have to mark as spam because they aren't meant there.  I hate to result to that but I am just becoming overwhelmed with these type of comments and it is distracting my view from the Blog and don't know another way to solve the problem.

Don't let your comment become spam on Life...  Share your Links on Life HERE!

Thanks!!!  :)

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I am addicted!

OMG.. I'm gonna have to buy a hub to store all of my MyMemorys Suite (MMS) freebies and cool stuff!

Over the past month, I have seen so many AMAZING pages from others, and I have snagged a ton of awesome kits... best of all, they were ALL Free!  :)

Prom is right around the corner and it has given me a reason to play with the software more and more... and I can honestly say that I am ADDICTed ((lol))!!  I just wish I had more time to mess with it!  I can't wait to get the Prom pages finished...

Over Mother's Day I have a family member & a friend that were struggling this Holiday because they lost their babies.. ((So, Sad))

So, I threw together a few things I found online,used a freebie kit background from the MMS shop, and added some word art..

It didn't take long to put together, but it was a sweet gesture that I could share with them (and other mom's in their situation) to let them know they were thought of on Mother's Day!

I have always loved to scrapbook, and being able to create digital pages is awesome!!  But MMS can be used for so much more... I have seen a lady that has created all kinds of banners and timeline covers with the software.  I can't wait to learn all of the possibilities that MMS offers.  I bet the possibilities all endless!

If you haven't tried the software, check it out at and take advantage of the free trial; and make sure to use the code in the sidebar (to your right) to get a great discount if when you decide to keep it (lol).

*If you are a MMS owner.. What do you love about MMS?  & Feel free to hare your awesome creations (if you'd like)

How to Set & Accomplish Goals in Life

Some people make it look easy reaching goals in life, while others struggle to accomplish theirs... Why is this!?

Are there steps they follow?  Does it have anything to do with the their upbringings, support system, self confidence?  Is there a 'big secret' that others could learn from....  

I have often struggled over the years accomplishing any 'Goal' that I have set for myself.  (lol) In my defence, these goals normally focused on weight-loss; and we ALL know how hard that can be.. Either from a personal standpoint or seeing it with family or friends.  However, I have recently accomplished a life goal when I wanted to go back to school.. I have received my Associates Degree and 1/2 way through my Bachelor's, this is an amazing feeling of accomplishment in my life.

How did I accomplish this Goal?  and What things did I use to help me?  I've thought about these things a lot because I want to use the answers to help me set and accomplish new goals in my Life; and help others do the same!! :)   

So... here are a few tips that I believe will help us accomplish the goals we set in our lives!

  1. Define the Goal .
  2. Write down the reasons WHY the Goal is important & how life will change because you did it! Journal along the way to express the challenges and successful times.
  3. Create a detailed Plan... Creating Goal Charts, Steps Lists, etc. can help with this task!
  4. Believe that you can accomplish the Goal you have Set... "Never say you CAN'T do it!"
  5. Stay focused.
  6. Don't beat yourself up if you slip.. Just dust yourself off as having a bad moment and pick up where you left off! 
  7. Reward yourself in the little accomplishments.. every step is ONE step closer to the overall Goal! 
  8. Revise the Plan 1/2 way through to define new visions that will help in accomplishing the Goal.
  9. Read the statements from step #2 often (daily could have great results) and continue to document the journey (this will help with future goals).
  10. Vision Success & KNOW that it is accomplishable... Tell yourself daily that "YOU CAN DO IT!"
I hope that these simple things in combination with self determination can and will help set and accomplish all of the future goals in Life! :)

Friday, May 3, 2013

Misinterpretations in the online classroom....

  Don't get me wrong, I love going to school online; but sometimes it can be a challenge to interpret how someone is meaning a phrase or question.. I hate when I re-read what I have written sometimes and it makes no sense to me (and I wrote

  I just started a new class this week and it is another Math.. ugh!  I used to love Math, but over the past 3 years, I have really begun to hate it!  All of the functions and equations give me a Head-Ache!  I really hope that I did not pick a degree that is going I will have to work with these everyday.. because if I did, I foresee a change in the near future. (lol) I am thankful to be this far in my degree (BIG pat on the back) and this is my last Math that I have to take; so, the storm's almost over! :)

   Classes are always 'all over the place' the first week.. learning what each instructor expects, what the schedule is like, meeting new team members, and so on is very hectic, to say the least and when it is a class that isn't easily understand, it is 10x worse (in my personal opinion).

   Well...  getting back to my original point in writing this blog (lol).. misinterpretations in the online classroom (really online, in general)!!

   I get into class and haven't completely understood how the instructor operates his classroom & the new concepts.. Therefore, I asked a few questions and have also replied to students this week.. BUT somehow I am feeling like the replies/comments that I have received are somewhat sarcastic ones!

   And I do not know if I am misinterpreting these because of how uptight and lost I am about the class.. or.. if they are really commenting thinking 'DUH, do you seriously not know what you're talking about?' (lol). Honestly.. I hope it is me just taking them wrong because I do not like taking classes with other's who are arrogant towards their classmates.. but if so, I guess I gotta deal with it somewhat!

    I need (and want) to get this class over and done with ASAP.. where I get on to more fun and creative classes! :)   I'm sure that there will be misunderstandings in some of them as well, but it will all be worth it in the end!!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

No One's life is unjudgeable!

     In a conversation with an old friend, that I ran into a few weeks back, we caught up on each other's lives and reminisced about old times; and it was quite nice.  Looking back on the conversation that we had and I realized how easy it can be to judge another person and to be judged as well!

     I was reading the posts on my wall on FB last week and one caught my eye... a friend was ranting and raving about 'someone' (I'm not sure who), that pissed them off.  It happens to us all, but Social Media  really allows people to 'put it out there', if you know what I mean. lol

    No One's life is unjudgeable.. I know I have my faults and I'm sure that you do too!

     My neighbors  friends, family, and even myself.. do things that could be seen as negative, bad, or hurtful by someone with a different outlook on life.. but so often we judge others without looking at our own lives or the things that the person staring back at us in the mirror is doing first.   What could I change to be a better, what could you do to be?

    I read a picture quote that said to "Spread a Smile and it will Brighten another's Day!".. and I think this is so true!

    The next time I am tempted to say what someone else should be doing in their life or why I don't understand why they do some things they do.. I am going to remember to look at my life from outside the box and see what I need to fix as well.  I want to better that woman in the mirror and always remember that no one's life is unjudgeable; and I hope you will too!

     ... Hope you have an awesome day and find something new that brings you true happiness in this life.  See ya soon!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

What does your online presence say about you?

Lately I have been reading a lot of posts, blogs, tweets, and Facebook statuses.. and I have formed opinions (as many people do) about the person they belong to; but are these opinions sufficient?

Most people write about the things they are passionate about.. their family, kids, life, and the things they love or hate; and a reader will get the feeling of who the writer is and what their interests are (in some sense).

However, often we will judge or get the wrong impression if the writer doesn't present the message correctly or if they're angry, hurt, or disappointed at the time; and the reader may get the wrong impression about who they really are!

When someone reads what you have written in a post, comment, blog, status update, or tweet does it reflect who you truly are as a person!?

When I am online, I try my best to present myself as I truly am!  I try my best to be the mom I want my kids to look up to and respect; and not someone that embarrasses them or my husband in any way.

However, some times it can be difficult to stay quiet and not express my true thoughts or opinions on certain issues or comment when someone acts disrespectful, "perfect", or inappropriately online!

I find it most difficult to see teenagers presenting themselves in a way that I would never allow my own children to be, unaware of the consequences that could result from the things they say, things they upload or like, and the way they present themselves online! ... Not realizing that some of those things can hurt their reputation, prevent jobs in the future, or even put them at risk of worse things as well.

So.. I wanna know, "What does your online presence say about you?"

Saturday, April 13, 2013

A free Ab Machine.. Must be a sign (lol)

 So.. today my neighbor was out in his yard and called me over to ask me if I wanted a piece of equipment that he no longer used.. a Exercise machine...A New Me: A free Ab Machine.. Must be a sign (lol):

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Why is Miley is afraid of the car?

Miley is my beautiful baby.. well, technically she is no baby (lol), she is our pet.  However, she does feel like a part of the family.  Therefore, it worries me when she has something wrong with her, just like it would if it was my child.  Miley has an anxiety of riding in the car and this worries me  a lot and disappoints me too; because I would love to take her riding!

When we got Miley she was just a puppy, only 8-9 weeks old.  On the way home she acted a little anxious, which I thought was normal for her first car ride.

The next day I wanted to take her to the vet to get her checked out and get her first set of shots.  On the way home she was acting a little stressed out; so, we stopped by a friends house to let her get out and walk around, because we had a long trip home and my friend only lived a couple blocks away.

She got sick in the car right as I pulled up and again on the way home too.

A couple of nights later we took her for another ride, trying to get her used to the car; and again she gets sick (this time in my lap, ugh).

I really hate that she has an anxiety of the car!

I tried ever-so-often over the past year or two to get Miley to go riding, other than to the vet, and every time it's the same result.  The last time, we only went about 3 miles up the road to get gas.  She was panting the whole way, slobbering like crazy.. I thought she was going to have a Heart Attack; and this really scared me!

I thought this was rare.. You know, a Dog with an Anxiety (lol), however, I was wrong!

When I searched this topic, I learned that dogs can experience all kinds of anxiety.. weird, huh?

I could only find one article about dog's with anxieties of the car; and I have tried all the suggestions the reply offered on Cesar's Way.

So.. does anyone have any tips that I can use to help Miley on her next car ride?

She has to go to the vet soon and I don't want her to experience another panic attack.. they are awful!

Thanks in advance for any useful advice; and I would love to hear your pet stories!  Has your pet experienced an car panic or another pet anxiety?

Monday, April 8, 2013

Should women think like a man in today's dating world?

Do you think that women should "Think like a Man"?

I have a lot of single friends/family and young women in my life that are just starting out in the dating world or been in it for years with no success; but things are so different in today's world vs. when I was dating!

As I sit here watching the movie, "Think Like a Man", I wonder if some women should go back to these rules in the relationship world (that used to be the normal).  Would they get hurt less?  Would they find that special someone easier?

As my daughter's get older I focus on the values that I hope I have instilled clearly over the years; because I want her to hold every boyfriend to certain standards..

Every women should require her man to respect and to treasure her values, treat her with dignity, and she should do the same (respect him and herself as well) ...

However, I wonder how much some of these this matter's in today's relationship!?  (And it's sad!)

The movie "Think Like a Man" is a comedy about four woman who are tired of meeting the wrong type of man/or the issues with the one they already have.  Each of them buy (or end up with) Steve Harvey's Book, Straight Talk; and they use it to demand respect and a relationship without intimacy; but when the men catch on, it's payback time. (lol)  Hilarious and kinda romantic all in one.. check it out if you haven't seen it yet!

The points in the movie that are being highlighted are important tips, in my opinion, in any new or existing relationship; and I think more relationships should start off and continue for a while in the 'basic getting to know and respect you phases' and hold true to the values we should stand by; and more relationships would last a little longer & be a little stronger!! .. However, this is just my opinion.  Please, let me know what you think.

Thoughts or tips?

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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Do you love to capture all of your Memories?

I love looking at all the pictures of my girls when they were small.  I take the scrapbooks out every so often and look at the memories that were captured over the years; and I'm so thankful that I saved them.

However, some of my pictures have began to fade and I have been scanning them to the computer in order to keep them safe; but recently I decided to start making digital scrapbooks that I can put onto a disk, printed, or given as gifts with the MyMemories Suite v4.

.. and I have decided to give a copy away to someone else where they can do the same!

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 MyMemories Suite v4 is an awesome piece of digital software and it is so easy to use and SO much FUN!

You can Create your very own personal albums, scrapbooks, or add movie clips to your scrapbooks; making your scrapbooks interactive and unique...

The possibilities seem endless!  ... I have only had it a few weeks and I am addicted already!

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Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Last month, we hosted our first give-a-way.  and no one entered; and I was so disappointed!

It's hard to believe that of all you Moms and Creative minds would have jumped at the chance to win a full version of Digital Scrapbooking Software!

...  and I was a little disappointed because I have been getting more traffic and thought it was time to do something FUN!  :(

However..  I have faith that this was just an oversight and everyone had no idea that I was giving away such a great product that could help you treasure your memories for many years to come!!  (I'm all about capturing these days because the kids are growing way too fast!)

I want to offer another chance on this one, because I have grown to love it! BUT I don't want it to be another disappointment..

So... RATE/COMMENT THIS POST and let me know that YOU WANT ANOTHER CHANCE TO WIN YOUR FREE COPY! :) and for new give-a-ways to follow every-so-often!

**HOPE to get a ton of RATES/COMMENTS!!  (I need to know this is what my visitors want!)

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Does Weight Hinder Who You Are?

"You never realize how much weight hinders who you are, until you loose it & then gain it back!  It is so hard to get the right mindset and shed the pounds, but it is so rewarding when you do!"
A New Me: Does Weight Hinder Who You Are?

Friday, March 22, 2013

A Diaper-Cake for a little Boy

When I made my first Diaper-Cake Stroller a few weeks ago, it turned out to be awesome!  At the Baby Shower a friend asked me to make her one for a shower she had to attend this week (on Monday), but it was for a little boy.  I was excited to have the chance to do another one and this time in blue!

So... Diaper-Cake Stroller for a little boy, was my challenge this past weekend, but it did present a challenge!

I don't get to town much; so, I had told my friend that she would need about 100  diapers, 3 bibs, 3 receiving blankets, a large blanket, paci's, and some ribbon that all fit in the same color scheme... and that is exactly what she brought me.

However, the large blanket was like a fleece and it did not have a large focal point (design) like the blanket I used in the first one and the receiving blankets didn't really work well together with it when the stroller was assembled...  hmmm... what to do?!

I bet I took the stroller apart 10 times and changed where each one went and how the base was wrapped, but in the end it turned out alright and my friend was pleased at the outcome!  She said the girl loved it; and it was the talk of the shower (so to speak)!  :)

The wheels were the best part, to me; they turned out to be beautiful!   Don't ya think?!

I did a couple video clips during the making of the wheels; and if anyone would like to view them, let me know and I will post'em!  

On my last stop at the store to grab some extra ribbon to make some last minute additions to the Diaper-Cake Stroller, I found some awesome ribbon that could make some really cool wheels!  I think I might go back and get some and try a hot-wheel or trike the next time! (lol)

Hope you all enjoyed this and hope to see you share your ideas on crafty & creative gift ideas!!

** Also Check out My Diaper Cake for a Little Girl!!  

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

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Monday, March 18, 2013

Just Tanked My Test

    I just started a College Algebra class this week and had my first test scheduled today.. and I tanked it! Ugh!

    This was a take once only test; and when I logged in I clicked the test instead of the practice one, and once I started it I could not exit out.  Unfortunately, since I had not completed my study guide and pretest review first.. I was not prepared.

     I hate that this happened because it will hurt my grade in this class, but it's week one; therefore, I have to buckle down and work hard to get all the points I can for the rest of this class.

     I hate algebra, but I will get through it.. I only have this one and one more Math class to take, so it's all good! (lol)

    I hate that I just tanked my Math test.. but mistakes happen (like my little mix-up) and I haven't really put in the time in that I should have this week either, it have been chaotic..  With my husband in the ER, had a baby stroller to make, work, school, kids, and home (just to name a few) I have put off school when I shouldn't have!

    Next week is going to be different... I can do this if I set my mind to it!  I will not tank my test next week!!

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Excited to announce Life's 1st Give-Away!

I am excited to announce that our very 1st Give-Away on Life will be held this month!

     Recently, I told you all that I had downloaded a new digital scrapbook software, MyMemories Suite v4, and shared my first page with you (it's the picture below, if you missed it)!

My 1st Page
     Since then, I have been playing around with, watching videos, and checking out all of the awesome creations that others have done with the program.. and the possibilities are endless!!

     So... I wanted to share the fun with you all; and what better way to do that than with a give-away!

     This month on Life, we will be doing the first Give-Away ever on Life .... and the prize will be a full version of the MyMemories Suite v4 Digital Software!

      .. How cool is that!!!


In the upcoming weeks, I will post all the give-away's details... but until then..

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Leave your comments and let me know how excited you are about this awesome give-away!!

Check out the Give-A-Way at

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Creation Station: Lost in Thought

 Recently I have been trying to learn more about the Daz 3D Software and use it more often, but I need a project to really become engaged in... and I think I am off to a good start!?

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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Amazing what a few changes can do!

The first version of my diaper-cake turned out pretty good...

My 1st Diaper=Cake: Version #1

but a few addition things had to be done to it; so, here's what I did...

I added a bow with a red layer to the front.. which helped compliment the wheels; and I added a little window in the bad to avoid the plain look!

Cute little flowers were added to the wheels and one on the top of the bassinet/stroller as well.

You can see the changes in the pictures below, to get a better look at the changes and how the changes the look of the whole project.
My 1st Diaper-Cake: Version #2... The Completed Version! :)

Overall.. I think that my first Diaper-Cake project turned out pretty good; and I think the couple will like the gift!!  

Hope to tackle a new project soon though; because making this bassinet/stroller diaper-cake was FUN!!

My 1st Diaper-Cake.. Version #1

      Finally, I got everything put together for the diaper-cake; and it looks alright.  There are a few pieces to tighten-up and I'm still not sure about the red ribbon on the wheels, but it was the only color ribbon on the roll I got that comes close to matching the blankets.

     ... and I refuse to return to the store again!  So, I gotta find a way to make this work!!

This is what Version #1 of My 1st Diaper-Cake looks like....

My 1st Bassinet/Stroller Diaper-Cake: Before adding extra little changes! 

.... Updated Version will be uploaded shortly!! :)

Completed Version Here!!!

How I decided to make a diaper-cake as my Baby Shower gift!

I got a phone call from a friend the other day reminding me of a Baby Shower she is having for her grand-baby this weekend; so, I decided to try this idea I have been thinking about doing for a while... A Diaper Cake!

However, before now I wouldn't be able to use the diapers if it turned out horrible... ((lol))

So, I did a little research and watched a few video's on YouTube to look at what I was up for.  It doesn't look that hard, so I thought I would give-it-a-go.  The next time I stopped in town at the store I grabbed some diapers and a few little things I thought I needed; and I came home to get started.

After making a motorcycle (so I thought it was) with only a few diapers for the wheels, and no materials at all... I was proud of my accomplishment.

((lol))  I showed it off to the family (not saying what it was supposed to be) and my daughter says it is a "Snail".  Hmm... then my husband says, before I have a chance to correct her.. "No it's not..It's a rabbit!"  So, I decided to correct them both by saying, "It's a motorcycle!"  

Anyways.. I knew this was going to be a little more of a challenge than I thought; and I would need a few more things. 

Yesterday evening I got the rest of the stuff that I needed, but could not find any ribbon that I liked or the width I wanted.  I ended up with a variety of colors on one roll; however, all of the colors are a little darker than I preferred!  

This morning I got started on my Diaper Bassinet/stroller baby shower gift because the shower was this evening (so I thought); and it was fun!  A little bit of a challenge when you are rushed, but I done what I could and went off to work.. thinking about what I was going to do, the entire time!

So, I got started and ran into a few challenges; but it looks alright (I think)!!

I will let you all know all about my first experience at making a diaper bassinet/stroller in my next post, which will hopefully be tonight, but no later than tomorrow, I'm EXCITED to share it with you all!!

See ya Soon!! 

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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Sun is Shinning :)

    It has been raining a lot here lately, like once or twice a week or more; and my yard looks like a swamp! I hate it when this happens because it is hard to do laundry (and anyone with kids know that laundry is a job that has to be done frequently, lol) and the yard becomes very slippery!

    I remember once, the yard like it is now... I had gone to the grocery store and got out of the car with groceries.  I rounded the front of the truck and hit a slick spot in the mud and down I went... Me & all the grocery bags covered.  (((LOL))) It wasn't funny when it happened, but afterwards it was.

  Just thought I would share an embarrassing moment that I thought about as I started this blog post.

  However, today the sun is shinning so pretty, and it was a really nice day to be out!  It won't be long and the flowers will be blooming and nice days will come more often.  I love the Springtime weather where the sun is shinning, but it is not too hot out to enjoy the day.  These are days that it is nice to work out in the yard or just take a walk, or play with the kids!

   Hope you all had an awesome day; and enjoyed the sun shinning, with no rain in sight as I did.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Creating Memories

A few days ago I was working on some scrapbook ideas and came across My Memories Maker Suite v4, which allowed me to download free pages designed by other user's for Free, purchase other one's I liked, and download the software (which includes 100's of designs, graphics, backgrounds, and more).

I just downloaded my Full Version and made my very first layout... I was excited and wanted to share it with you all!!  I will be adding pictures in to complete it!

Now I just have to get the perfect project to work on.. lol!

If you want your own copy of MyMemories Suite v4, use the this coupon code (STMMMS32432for $10 off the software (or download a free trial) and $10 in the shop!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Was it a Scam or Not??

     The past few weeks I have been looking around, trying to find a nice and dependable car for under $2000.  I found a lot of nice cars and realized how many dealerships were within 50 miles of me as well (lol).  However, it seemed like every time I found one that I wanted, it had already been sold before I called and I was about to give up hope... to be perfectly honest with you!

     Just when I thought all hope was gone,  I came home on Friday and my husband showed me a picture of a GORGEOUS car that the owner only wanted $1950 for.  As he told me about the conversation he had been having with the owner all morning via email I got excited, but the car was in another state and would have to be shipped...

     Being the pessimistic that I am.. I wanted to know more and ask questions.  After a few more emails back and forth I grew more excited because I felt like it was legit, but I was also suspicious due to a few little details....

  1. The car was way to nice to be only $1950... Especially when the price included it being shipped to me.
  2. The Google account of the owner... Did not have any posts, likes, nor a picture and they only had 1 friend, whose page was the same way to a 'T'!    
  3. The PhotoBucket Account had only the pictures that they had sent me of the car. 
  4. The original listing for the car was on CraigsList
.... O.Kay all of these things could be nothing, but Flags were waving because even if someone doesn't share much stuff on the web, most people have friends and have posted at least once or liked something (just my hut feeling).

     The owner had convinced my husband that things were legit; and through conversations I felt okay about it somewhat; therefore, he told the owner we were ready to move forward with the deal....  This is the part that really made me throw up the stop sign!!!

     The Agent that would be handling the deal sent us an email with the information we needed to make the purchase.  However, this is "supposed" to be from an Amazon Vehicle Protection service and yet there is no listing on the Amazon website for this service and no phone number on the email either.  (????)  

     The owner happened to email right after and asked if we had all the information; and my husband said yes and that we would be sending the money shortly.  The owner then sent a message thanking him and signed the email.. "God bless  you and your family", which made me feel a little less suspicious and I thought that maybe we were getting a good deal due to their hardship with the illness of a child and needing money.

     The kids were getting out of school and I was going home to get our youngest daughter; and my husband was going to get our oldest daughter and then go into town to send the money.  We chatted briefly a little more, mostly me asking him if he was SURE he wanted to move forward.  He agreed to email the 'Agent' and ask him to give him a call, just to verify things first; and he did.

      Not long after, my husband calls and says that an email came in from the 'agent' and he claims that he can not call because the company does so much business that the phone lines are tired up!  ... 

   ..."Ummm, Yeah Right!!!   If you want me to send you $1950, you are going to talk to me!" was my response.  

     I told him I would email the owner and ask them to contact us; and we agreed he would call once he got into town before he did anything.

     As I waited for the owners reply, I started thinking about everything and my doubts kicked in overdrive.   I started searching the internet to see if I could find the company that was planning to ship the car.  Just as I was searching I came across a question someone had asked about this company on Yahoo Questions that was ideal to our situation; and she was wondering if it was a scam!??  

       **Red Flags was popping up EVERYWHERE!!

    The owner's reply follows saying that they would never do anything to scam anybody, they enjoy their freedom and life too much.. blah blah blah.... But again, not willing to call me!

     So... I picked up the phone and called my husband!  Once he answered, I read him the question on Yahoo and the comments; and then I told him that my gut was telling me this is not right; and that I would rather end up with a lemon than have someone scam me out of all of that money and he agreed!

    Later on that night, still wondering Was this is Scam?  I asked my husband if he was going to email the owner or the agent and tell them we were not interested; and he said no.  

    He said.. "If it was a scam they won't even try to contact me again!  Because they will know I was suspicious and they will move on."  

    It's been 6 days now and no one has tried contacting us again to see if we have sent the money or if we were still interested...  Is this because they sold the car to 1 of the other 4 people who were interested?  (or)  Because it was a scam?  

    What do you think... Was this a Scam or Not??


Saturday, February 9, 2013

The most Romantic Valentine's Day

  Valentine's Day is the day of Romance.. but a few years ago, romance was far from my mind as I was getting dressed for my dad's funeral.  Honestly, Valentine's Day was the farthest from my mind!

  On the ride home, the car was filled with silence; and the holiday was mentioned to break the ice.  My husband apologizes for not having a gift, as do I; but we both know and understand completely and forget about it.

   The next day my hubby returns from work; and in he comes with flowers and a card. Naturally, it brings a smile to my face and love in my heart.. as it will to anyone receiving such a sweet gift.  However, I notice something familiar about some of the flowers...  they were the one's I had got from daddy's funeral.

    Seems that when he went to get my flower's he asked if they could add them in, so that they would last longer.  Awww!!  I can't explain the feelings of love that came over me that year and I can honestly say that it was the most romantic Valentine's Day that I have had.  (and the worse as well)

  As the big day arrives so people try to find the most extravagant gifts or the most popular one's for their loved one; and it definitely does bring a smile to their face and love into their heart.  But.. I think if you really want to pull on their heart strings.. do something totally thoughtful that will mean something to her in a way that she will remember forever!

   Spend some time thinking about how you can make the love of your life's Valentine's Day extra special this year!  Make them feel that you love them more than anything else on earth.. bring romance to the day.

   I think that doing something that had thoughts of love behind it, will bring romance as well.  This is why it was the most romantic Valentine's Day when my husbands kind gesture made me feel like I was loved more than anything else in the world... it had Heart added!




Friday, February 8, 2013

Consumed by grief

   The past few days have been a challenge for me, my mom has been deeply consumed with grief due to the anniversary of my daddy's death.  She is all alone now and I know it has to be hard when you don't have your spouse; and your children are grown with kids of their own.  However, she bothers me as she seems to think of nothing else and dwell somewhat in the loss.. why not happiness with the memories?

   I know that losing a spouse the week that a holiday focused on love falls, has got to be terrible; because it is hard to lose someone you love any day of the year!  Valentine's Day is coming and it is the holiday of romance; and the TV and shows remind us everyday, but to her it is just the day she laid her love to rest.. and I can't blame her for being consumed with grief to an extent (it hurts that I lost my daddy then as well.

   However, how do I get her out of the rut and dwelling.. the depression!?  I hate to see her feeling so down and missing her valentine, but I just don't know what else to do!  I have tried to lift her spirits and encourage things to do, but she wants no part in it.. sleeping and lost in thought is about she gives!  

   I hope that one day she will be able to see this holiday in a better light, and not be consumed with grief over my daddy's loss, but with the great memories she had with him for all of those wonderful years!

Thursday, January 31, 2013

It really touched my heart

     On the way to take my daughter to school this morning I saw something that really touched my heart, and I'm not sure why it did in such a way.  I mean, it was only human courtesy; however, that seems to be so rare this day in time!!   In so many ways it was much more than that though...   Here's what happened.

    I was driving my daughter to school this morning, chatting as we always do on the way, when I see a couple of cars beside the road near a bad intersection.  At first, I thought there was an accident, but I did not see any blue lights and seen the other cars moving over into the other lane to pass by.   Soon I realized that it was someone who was broke down and began to slow down because the traffic is heavy that time of the morning and the intersection happens to be in a curve.

    As I approached the vehicles beside the road (there was 3 of them) I realized that someone had a flat tire.  Immediately, my daughter said "Hey, that's (and said the kids name); and MR__ & MR __ (The names of two Teachers from her school)!"  

   I looked again, and here is what the scene looked like... The kid was changing the front driver side tire and one teacher was standing beside him assisting; but seemed to be watching the traffic as well.  The other teacher was standing at the back of the car on the edge of the road watching oncoming traffic, but in a way that he knew people would see him and then notice the kid changing the tire.

   First of all, I was impressed that anyone had stopped, most of all two teachers on their way into school.  BUT... seeing their faces and their actions, it seemed to be much more than that!  They were making sure he got the tire fixed SAFELY!  They looked as if they were worried about the traffic and place he was at and wanted to assure everything was alright.... They were acting like his parents in that moment. 

     I know that kids who are driving themselves to school feel like adults because they often act like they are; but they are still kids who need to be kept safe!  These teachers felt the same (I assume) and done their best to help, even though they were on their way to work.

    Maybe these are just my interpretations of the way I would hope teachers would care for their students or any human would be towards another... it touched my heart!



Friday, January 11, 2013

Keeping our Kids Safe on their Smartphones

Smartphones are every where, they offer us the ability to communicate with anyone at anytime through texting, email, picture/video messaging, and the availability to surf the web from anywhere!  More and more kids (mostly pre-teen/teenagers) are getting smartphones as well, which allows them to have the same access; and sometimes this means having more access than we, as parents, would like them to!

... They are able to have contact and share information with anybody!?

It can be really scary if you let yourself think of all the things that kids could get into on their smartphones; and that is why I have been searching for parental control apps or software that I can use on my daughters phone!

During my search for software, I came across a site called Mobile Minder; and I found it to be a very interesting piece of software that helps parents in the effort of keeping their kids safe on their smartphones!!

However... Are some of these apps/software allowing parents to access more than they need to?  Are they invading the privacy of their child by having access to all emails, texts, etc.?  I am on the fence on this in some aspects.. BUT I would love to hear you all's opinions!  (My child's Safety is my #1 concern!)

Continue on to check out all the Apps & Software I found that can help you Protect and keep up with your Child!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Prosecuting Casey Anthony on Lifetime ... Will you watch?

    I remember watching as volunteers searched for missing toddler, Caylee Anthony; and
how it unfolded into the most viewed trial in over a decade when her mother (Casey Anthony) was charged with her murder.

    Casey was the most hated woman in America, so it seemed, as millions of people watched the story unfold and many camped out side a court house in Florida to await the verdict.. only to see a verdict of not guilty to first degree murder.  However, she was found guilty on a couple of the other charges, but only spent a couple more days in jail to finish out the sentence.

    The day Casey was released from jail, she had to be sneaked out due to death threats and many angry volunteers and bystanders who waited outside the jail.  The car was ambushed with these people and she immediately went into hiding.
    The prosecutor on the Casey Anthony trail wrote a book afterwards and now Lifetime has made a movie based on the facts and the story of the prosecutor... "Prosecuting Casey Anthony".  Here is a preview of the movie tailor..

    The new movie will air on January 19, 2013 on Lifetime and many are saying that it should have never been made into a movie, but how many of these people will still watch!?  Will you?