Saturday, November 10, 2012

Justice for Star..

I could not believe this story when I seen it.. I just do not see how someone could be so disturbed. (This is all I can say about this for now)

However.. I have heard multiple conflicting updates about this story; so, I am not sure what the whole story is... so, I will try to stay caught up on it.

Although, rumor has it that there are other's involved; and the FBI has gotten involved. I will keep you up to date on it.

If you know anything for fact on this story.. Please Share!!

Video Resource: WNCT 9;

The deer that we caught on camera..

    My husband loves to hunt; so, I got him a couple trail cameras for our Anniversary and he has been so excited to see the deer that are lurking by his stand.  However, non of them have been old or big enough to shoot... I love that he don't kill everything he sees!

Camera #1: Doe

He put the first camera out on 10/31/12 and the second on 11/6/12 and has already captured over 200 pictures.

I am not a hunter, but I love seeing the pictures of these beautiful creatures.

The Doe in the picture on the left is from camera 1, we have a lot of pictures of her and a few other's feeding and just hanging around.

Camera #2: 4 pointer

We have to change Camera #2's date and time; but it caught 142 pics in 2 days.. And the Buck on the left was one of the deer that was captured the most.

He's only a 4 pointer; so, he has plenty of time to grow and mature!  Isn't he gorgeous?

Camera 2 also caught a nice 8 pointer, but I'll wait to get a better picture of him before I share!

Nature is such a beautiful thing; I love looking at the deer and admiring how amazingly beautiful they are!