Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Blog Update: My Diaper-Cake Page

Hey Everyone!

I know that I haven't updated the blog much lately, been super busy with finishing school up and getting the kids back to school.. etc. lol

Now that I have had a chance to get Life back into order, somewhat, I have been making some changes! :)

The My Diaper-Cakes page has become it's own page (http://diapers-galore.blogspot.com/) where I can add links that are useful for those of us interested in that stuff.

I decided not to go that way in the beginning due to the fact that I don't make diaper cakes too much; and I didn't want the blog to only have a few posts.. This could still be a problem; however, I hope to add useful links and make it as useful.

Personally, i like the flexibility of adding more than one post within the page, etc.  I hope you all like the changes as much as I do! :)

Check out the new & improved page for My Diaper Cakes by clinking it in the navigation bar or by going to http://diapers-galore.blogspot.com/!

  The link back to Life is on the right hand sidebar.. :)

*Leave a comment and let me know what you think about the changes & any ideas you may have that could make it the best experience possible for YOU!