Friday, February 8, 2013

Consumed by grief

   The past few days have been a challenge for me, my mom has been deeply consumed with grief due to the anniversary of my daddy's death.  She is all alone now and I know it has to be hard when you don't have your spouse; and your children are grown with kids of their own.  However, she bothers me as she seems to think of nothing else and dwell somewhat in the loss.. why not happiness with the memories?

   I know that losing a spouse the week that a holiday focused on love falls, has got to be terrible; because it is hard to lose someone you love any day of the year!  Valentine's Day is coming and it is the holiday of romance; and the TV and shows remind us everyday, but to her it is just the day she laid her love to rest.. and I can't blame her for being consumed with grief to an extent (it hurts that I lost my daddy then as well.

   However, how do I get her out of the rut and dwelling.. the depression!?  I hate to see her feeling so down and missing her valentine, but I just don't know what else to do!  I have tried to lift her spirits and encourage things to do, but she wants no part in it.. sleeping and lost in thought is about she gives!  

   I hope that one day she will be able to see this holiday in a better light, and not be consumed with grief over my daddy's loss, but with the great memories she had with him for all of those wonderful years!