Monday, November 5, 2012

Need a Wooden Swing Set or Playhouse?

Every Kid loves a swing set, slide, andor tree house... I know mine do!

My husband built our kids a tree house out back and the kids LOVE IT!

So, if you are looking to purchase a traditional swing set or a miniature (play) house; check out because they have some nice play equipment for kids for decent prices (see same day shipping).

Playhouses are an awesome gift for birthdays or Christmas!
My best friend bought her kids a wood swing set, similar to the top picture in the ad here; and she says it was the best present she ever got.

So, if you are thinking about buying a swing set, play/doll house, trampoline, or any other outdoor gear for your kids or facility... check out Willy Goat, they have a ton of cool products!

**This is a sponsored ad, but all opinions are my own!

Life's weekly inspiration...

This week I thought I would share a song with you all that I love.. "A Beautiful Day" by Indie Arie.  If you are a faithful Good Morning America (GMA) viewer, you will recognize it!

The lyrics say it all!  Just these three short sentences below make you want to have a beautiful day.. a happy day!

"Let's make this a Wonderful..
 Let's make this a Powerful
  Let's make this A Beautiful Day"

I first heard this song on the radio, but did not know the artist so I couldn't find it.  Then one morning I was watching GMA and Indie Arie was on, singing it!  Come to find out Robin Roberts worked with her on it when she was diagnosed with cancer a few years back; it's been awhile (I'm not sure of all the details, sorry).

I feel in love with this song and whenever I would wake up in a bad mood or feeling like I was gonna have a crappy day...

I would turn on this song and fell better in some way or another..   It's hard to describe really!

Anyways.. lol.  I hope you listen to it this week and have A Beautiful Day!!  :)

Listen and read the Lyrics of A Beautiful Day on this YouTube Video..