Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Nabi

My daughter's birthday was last month.  She had seen the Nabi in the sales paper and since it was only a few days till her birthday she circled it and put the paper on the fridge.  Gotta love how kids think; but it worked!

Actually, I had never heard of the Nabi before and I really wasn't sure what I was even looking for; but it wasn't hard to find once we arrived at the Best Buy.  I wish I would have realized that there were different age groups for the 3 different versions of the the Nabi Tablets, before I left home; because I had only left home with the amount I needed to get the one she had circled (which was the Nabi Jr.).

The Nabi is a awesome little gadget.. to say the least!!  It is a cool kids tablet that comes pre-loaded with game apps for your child's educational needs and you can add other apps, games, music, internet (with parental password protection and monitoring (+ more).

Comes to find out, the Nabi that we purchased is focused on the ages 3-6; and my daughter was turning 10.  The apps were focused on learning ABC's with drawing, coloring, and tracing letters and other cool little game apps for small kids, but not really something that she would enjoy or get any learning from!   BUT.. This wasn't a problem long. :)

I was actually shocked how easy it was to delete all the apps that I didn't need/want and add more to it in the Nabi Store, GooglePlay Store, and the Amazon App Store.

My daughter has has the Nabi for a little over a month now; and she LOVES it!!  We had been taking weekly trips to  see my mom in the hospital (an hour away), and the Nabi keeps her occupied... I just load any new games or music that she wants before we go; and she's set!  She also loves the fact that she has her own camera and video recorder that she can use whenever she wants too!

Although, I really wish that I would have bought the Nabi targeted to the 7-11 year old age group; because I would have had the educational games she'd benefit from (without having to pay or search forever for).  I can still say that this was the best $100 that I spent on a birthday present!  Not only is the Nabi something that can be updated with apps and music as she grows and her likes change; but I can add chores to her chore-lists app, and as she learns more responsibility I can change the credits she receives and the apps that are allowed to be purchased by her as well.

The Nabi is truly an awesome toy; and I would personally recommend it as a great gift for the child in your life!!  If you want to learn more about the Nabi and the different versions, you can learn more at .

Let me know what you think!?  :)