Friday, September 21, 2012

Life is different for the teenager today!

On a court television show;  a teenager appeared because she started a website and made flyer's to get back at the girl who "stole her boyfriend"...

The website was named after the young girl; and the flyer's had a picture of the girl and said she had an STD and to get tested if someone had been in contact with her!

I can not believe that teenagers could be so mean... and all over a boy!

I was happy to see that the judge made this viscous teen pay for all of the psychiatrist bills and so on; and said that she would be referring the case over to the DA's office!!  ... "You go Judge!"

I remember my teenage years; and I remember how mean other one's could be.  However, it seems to be 10x worse than I remember, and technology allows things to go further than it was able to when I was that age.

I made stupid choices and did things that could have had a totally opposite outcome; as I am sure we all have.

However, the bullying has to be gotten under control.. in my opinion.  But.. I think the judge made a great discussion  and took a stand on it because the things this teenager did were extreme and uncalled for!

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