Friday, January 23, 2015

Dyslexia isn't as Scary as I thought

Yesterday everyone was talking about Jennifer Aniston  reveled that she had dyslexia.  The Doctors TV Show went into more details about it this morning as they discussed how she has revealed it.  As a parent whose child was recently diagnosed with dyslexia, it is nice to hear different experts talking and giving more details!  Using these outlets to get more information, resources, and ways to work around it will be helpful in this journey.  However, as I mentioned in my previous post (Feeling Helpless), there aren't many online ways to help (that I can find).

With all the discussion about Jennifer, it is amazing how many actors and famous people that have dyslexia; however, there are many forms and it affects people differently.  It seems that the key is finding out how you cope as an individual!  This may be the challenging part, I believe.

In my daughters case, I hope to be able to find what works best for her and allow her to learn ways to work around it.  It's scary, but I am going to find the resources that she needs to get a handle on it and be able to learn to read; and have a productive life ahead.

With all the new talk and information because of Aniston's revealing, I have a better understanding; and dyslexia isn't as scary as I thought!!

*See the story about Jennifer's reveal at
*The Doctor's Website