Thursday, January 23, 2014

A new way to add conversation to your website!

Most Social Media sites we visit offers the option to chat with our friends and/or followers... but do you have this available on your website or as a personal option?  RumbleTalk  is a hot new website that offers Chat-Room's for websites; and I found it to be a very neat and fun thing to have; so, I have decided to give it a try here!

RumbleTalk has many different themes to choose from, very stylish ones at that; and changing yours can be very simple!

I'm sure that you have noticed the floating bubble at the bottom left of the page, this is the Life Chatroom I created in a matter of minutes for Life.  Best thing is, I decided to change the theme and I did not have to change the code on this page once!  Once I saved my new theme on RumbleTalk, it automatically changed here, on Life.  If you click on the bubble, you can chat!  I love simple, how about you!

Customizing your chat options and boxes are endless... design your own custom HTML or CSS to match your site or theme or choose from already created templates.

Use Chatroom's on your website to discuss the latest, events, or base your chatbox towards the Topics your site focuses on...

Create a Educational Chatbox for eLearning, Healthcare focused conversations, Exercise, Romance, or whatever you choose..
Build your audience for whatever need you have, It is up to you!

We can chat from any device with RumbleTalk, smartphones, tables, or the PC.. we can stay connected from anywhere & at anytime; with 30 different languages to choose from!

Link with your friends on Facebook and/or Twitter; and share your favorite videos and/or images in one spot.

However, you always find someone who wants to cause drama when they can login and say whatever they choose, but RumbleTalk provides options to block users by their usernames, IP addresses, and more!

No downloads, just copy & paste the code or share a link if you do not have a website of your own.. It's up to you!

Try out the new way to conversate and let me know what you think!