Thursday, June 4, 2015

Flowers Started Blooming Beautifully

The flowers around the Fish Pond have really bloomed this week!!  However, they are taking over somewhat!  I originally planted 4 of them, one at each corner; but look at them now...

The color is so pretty to me, but it will get one you if you rub against them. 
I just had to get a close up picture of them this year, they are so vibrant looking.  
It may be because it's a cloudy day, I don't know.

This year I got a surprise, a yellow one has bloomed even though I didn't plat one... Weird! 
I do have a miniature sunflower that is yellow planted beside it, I guess when it multiplied somehow it gained the color from the sunflower??

I don't know much about flowers, but I wonder how it came to be and that's the only explanation that makes since.. lol  Does anyone else have an idea on how it happened?