Friday, July 18, 2014

Foolish Choices: Sneaking Out

How do we get our teenagers to not make the foolish choices that we made growing up?  I know that I didn't always listen, and things could have turned out so badly in the end!

I got a lecture from my mom today.. Yes! I'm almost 40, and I still get this (lol).  We were discussing some advice I gave to my teenage daughter; and she reminded me that she gave me the same advice and I didn't listen. (lol)  I remember times I sure wish I would have.. It was so terrifying!

When I about 15 I went home with a friend from school... whom, My parents would have NEVER allowed me stay with if they knew her dad was never home.  Even though her sisters were older and acted like a mom in most cases.  My mom wouldn't have allowed that situation overnight without an adult home!

At the time,  I thought she was paranoid, but as a mom now.. I see her point!!!

Anyways..  My friend and I decided that it would be COOL to walk about 1 1/2 miles up the road to the store at about 11 o'clock at night out in the country.  ((NOT A GOOD IDEA))  I guess because we had done it in the day time, we assumed it wouldn't be any different.

As we walked down the long, dark country road a car or two passed by.  With not very many houses, I become a little weary  of the situation and wanted to head back.  However, I didn't want to sound like chicken or a big baby ((I had a rep to uphold, lol, I'm sure if you've been 15, you understand what I'm saying)).

Over half way there we see a car coming up the road and hear the music blaring.  I became uncomfortable and a little fearful as the car got closer; and so did my friend!!  We knew that we had not made a good decision and that we weren't going to ever try it again.. IF we made it back home alright!

As the car got to us it slowed down, almost to a stop!  There were 4 or 5 boys/men (not sure) which sounded drunk, hollering out the windows, and throwing stuff.  I don't think that I have ever been scared-er than I was in that very moment!!

They past-us-by and started to slow down more, like they were going to come back.. SO, we took off running into the field and stood behind some roadside brush and trees.  They rode past us 3-4 times before they ever stopped.  we ended up sitting there for about an hour longer just to make sure they were coming back, before we turned to make our way back home. During these days, cell phones didn't exist, and we couldn't call no one unless we made our way to the store.

This foolish choice could have had TERRIBLE consequences.. Thankfully, they did not!!

I told my daughter this story in order to scare her in some way, I mean, we have to THINK about what could happen.  Especially, when you're young!  Parents tell you "No" for a reason (lol), even if it doesn't always seem to be a big deal to you!

*My question to you all, is:  What were your foolish teenage choices? and How do we keep our kids from making them?