Thursday, November 20, 2014

Are We Taking Life TOO Serious?

After getting home from work today, I checked out my Facebook as normal, and come across a story from WRAL ( about a new, barbie type, doll with acne and tattoo's on her.  They asked parents if they would buy it; and the comments were all over the place!  Do you think you would?

Personally, I'm not sure if I would or not; but if we were shopping and she liked it... Why Not?  (Even though the doll could have blended the acne/tattoo's  a lot better, I think!)  Kids don't see these things as an influence as much as we think they do (I don't think).  Now I would not have ever bought the "pregnant doll" because I do think that one was a little too much for little girls to be playing with (just my opinion).

Acne is a given... I mean, kids are going to experience it, not many ways around it for most of us.  Are we saying that acne is wrong or ugly in so way!?  Because this is how it sounds when we don't want our kids to have a doll with it. I'm just saying that even though I DO see the side that everyone is pointing out, but I see the companies reasoning in some ways as well.  I guess the tattoo's on the doll would be more concern for me, even though my husband and I both have one.  I just don't want my girls to think they should have one before they are ready; and when they clearly realize that many people ((not all)) still view and have negative opinions about them!

However, kids love the idea of putting the fake tattoo's on themselves; and having the same one as their doll... How cool is that!?  That's what the kid's thinking, Right?

So, I ask..
                  Are we taking Life TOO seriously?  

I think sometimes we do!  I know I have been someone who views most situations in a negative spotlight or worried about the outcome more than I needed to, for most of my life.  But Life if too short for all that; and we have so many, MUCH bigger issues in the world that we need to be worried about (in my opinion). 

As Parents we don't like every product that is focused towards kids, as spouses we don't like every product focused towards our significant other, and as women/men we don't like everything sold that focuses on our gender... My Point is that, as individuals, we have the choice to buy it or leave it in the store.  If enough people dislike the product it will disappear! :)  ((Maybe lol))

Leave your thoughts below, I would love to hear them!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Has Life Thrown YOU a Curve-Ball?

Life is never simple, but sometimes it throws us a curve-ball that we could have never dreamed!

I've been talking to a lot of friends and new people about their lives and some have stories of the impossible dreams coming true; yet, others have stories about things that you'd never wish on another.  Regardless, both have inspiring stories of how it changed their lives forever!
In the next few weeks (maybe months) I am hoping to join with a few of these Bloggers and individuals where I can share these stories with you all!  ((I can't wait))
I've had a few curve-balls during my lifetime, but no matter how horrible they were there are people who have experienced much worse; and many have been blessings that changed the direction in which I continued go! :)   I'm hoping to share a few of my own life stories with you all as well!

Has Life Thrown YOU a Curve-Ball?  I'm sure it has!  Please, leave a comment below and tell me your story or share a link to it (These won't be published unless the are legit).

Looking Forward to Sharing...

My Diaper-Cakes: Extra Credit?

 Yesterday, out of the blue, I decided to make my daughter's teacher a Diaper-Cake.  I had thought bout it a few times; and wanted to do something special....Read More:

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Just trying to keep them Safe!

As children grow into young adults, most parents wonder where the time went as they are excited and a little overwhelmed with all the changes that are occurring along the way!  Recently, my oldest turned 16 and was able to get a licence...  and I began to think these things more than ever before!

It seems like yesterday that we came home from the hospital; yet, today I watched the car drive away in fear that something horrible would happen while I wasn't there!

I've tried my best to instill things that all young people should be thinking about when they begin driving on their own, and every day after.  I believe it is natural to feel terrified as a parent because everyone else on the road isn't watching what they are doing and we know that they haven't been faced with those emergency reactions until they take place.

As a women, there are things that I probably do that my husband wouldn't; but things I've instilled into my children and I think every driver needs to do to assure their safety at all times... this is what my kids call "being paranoid" but I think it is just being cautious!

These things include, but aren't limited to:

  1. NO Phone!! ~ Phones scare me when it comes to driving.  I don't go a day that I don't see someone texting or looking at their phone when they are behind the wheel.  One second looking at the phone could result in killing someone or hurting yourself.. It's NOT worth it!!
  2. Be Aware of Your Surroundings! ~  You never know who is hiding around a corner or watching to catch you off guard.
  3. Keep Doors Locked (Especially at night when driving alone) ~ You never know who is lurking near a stop sign/light or in a parking lot.  This also prevents someone from climbing into your backseat when you aren't in the car.
  4. Check fluids and tires often ~ Check fluids and tires on a regular basis.  You don't want to get stranded out in the middle of nowhere!
  5. Battery is Charged ~  Make sure phone battery is charged in case you need it in an emergency!
  6. Be Visual ~ When you are coming out of a store or even at home, be visual of everything.  Look under the car and around it as you approach to assure no one is lurking.
  7. Breaking Down ~ This one is a scary one as a parent because I would hate my child to be broke down beside the road, especially at night!  My advice would be to call someone as soon as you pull over (especially at night), keep doors locked, and stay in the car until help arrives. I know this doesn't pertain to every situation, but for my teenager it does! lol
  8. Don't Stop to Help someone who is Broke Down (especially female drivers)! ~ I know this sounds cold, but you never know if you are walking into a trap!  I talk my children to call for help if they see someone stranded that appear to need help, but to never stop unless they know that person personally.  This day-and-time it just isn't safe anymore!
I'm sure you may agree with my children, that I'm paranoid, after reading this tips to follow; but I think that we can never be too cautious or even paranoid if that's what you want to call it!  I just want my kids and everyone else to be more caution and stay Safe!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Relationship Wednesday: Honor Your Vows

I was raised that MARRIAGE is sacred and special!

For all you men/women who get the thought that the 'grass is a little greener elsewhere' (which you'll probably realize later, isn't).. show your partner a little RESPECT and leave before you hurt/scar them with cheating. And for all the men/women that didn't take those VOWS with someone, show a little Character/Self-Respect for those who have and don't go skirt'in around with someone else's husband/wife!!

As I have seen so many marriages destroyed and too many people hurt by cheating lately, I wonder what happened to people taking these vows seriously! If you don't want to be there.. LEAVE! Don't run around behind their back with someone else or be the one that their running around with... Because our character matters (or it should at least), and behaving like hormonal teenagers isn't how adults should act! ((Just Saying))

My Thoughts this Wednesday is that... If you love someone enough to take that leap, love and respect them enough not to cheat!

If you feel that your relationships not working...
     try to communicate, seek help, or go your separate ways in the best way possible...

Don't make every memory of yourself in your mates eyes be destroyed by being unfaithful.. Honor Your Vows!

*This is just my opinion, I would love to hear yours!

Monday, October 27, 2014

Life's Weekly Quote: Are things as Complicated as they seem?

Sometimes in Life we make things more difficult than they have to be... 

This Dr. Seuss quote ("Sometimes the Questions are complicated and the Answers are Simple!")  really reflects this in a way that I never thought of!

Questions are Complicated & Answers are Simple Image
Dr. Seuss Quote

 Sometimes we question choices that we have made and future ones more than we need to.  i know that I over-think many situations, often talking myself out of things that I regret later.  

The next time questions arise I will look at them in a different perspective; and see the simple answers that do exist in every situation... 

Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Brittany Maynard Fund

Brittany has decided for her Life to end on November 1st... 

Should we have the choice to end Life if we choose?  This is a debatable subject among many people, for sure; and I feel it to be personally as well.  

I came across Brittany Maynard's story on Facebook when it was shared by ABC 11 News.  The comments reflected so many different viewpoints (Good/Bad-Supporting/Judging), and I had different opinions among myself on the topic as well... I'm torn.

I see the meaning and unselfishness in the decision; however, I know that tests and medical professionals don't always know everything... what IF?

However, Brittany's story is touching, and BRAVE in my opinion... and I think the love & support for her is remarkable!  

Watch Brittany's story and let me know What you think?

The Brittany Maynard Fund

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Blog Update: My Diaper-Cake Page

Hey Everyone!

I know that I haven't updated the blog much lately, been super busy with finishing school up and getting the kids back to school.. etc. lol

Now that I have had a chance to get Life back into order, somewhat, I have been making some changes! :)

The My Diaper-Cakes page has become it's own page ( where I can add links that are useful for those of us interested in that stuff.

I decided not to go that way in the beginning due to the fact that I don't make diaper cakes too much; and I didn't want the blog to only have a few posts.. This could still be a problem; however, I hope to add useful links and make it as useful.

Personally, i like the flexibility of adding more than one post within the page, etc.  I hope you all like the changes as much as I do! :)

Check out the new & improved page for My Diaper Cakes by clinking it in the navigation bar or by going to!

  The link back to Life is on the right hand sidebar.. :)

*Leave a comment and let me know what you think about the changes & any ideas you may have that could make it the best experience possible for YOU!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Relationship Wednesday: Would you marry a stranger for love?

What is the key to falling in love & having a long and successful relationship/marriage?  If there was a simple answer to this question, more relationships would last!

A few months ago Fyi, TV launched a new show, a social experiment, called "Married at First Sight"...

    .. To be honest, I thought it was the most ridiculous idea that I had ever heard!  How could complete strangers fall in love and have any chance of having a successful marriage!?

Over a few weeks leading up to the big premier I heard peoples opinions as it advertised, and decided that I wanted to watch at least one episode .. maybe it was curiosity!

With the number of dating websites that have popped up the last few years, it is obvious that many people are seeking love; but how many would actually consider binding into a legal marriage to someone they wouldn't meet until the reached the alter!?  and After 5 short weeks would they stay married or get a divorce!?

Many people showed up initially to the meeting, not knowing the full details of how this experiment would work and what they had to agree to.  It was interesting to see the reactions and surprisingly every one didn't walk out once they knew. (lol)  I don't think that I could go through with anything like that.

Among those who decided to take this big chance to find their soul mate experts tested and interviewed candidates, matching them based on many areas; and finally came up with 3 couples to use for this social experiment.. But would any of them decide to stay married after the 5 weeks or would they get a divorce?

I can't lie, after watching the 1st episode I wanted to watch the 2nd too! :)

It amazed me how these couples grew as they went from getting married, to their honeymoon, to moving in together, and finally deciding what to do at the end of the 5 weeks.

On last night's 6 month later show, it was interesting to hear their thought on the experiment; and what they believed made a successful relationship/marriage work (or not work)...

Relationships are about communication, supporting one another, being strong when the other is weak, and loving the little things in my opinion; and the couples that stayed married also pointed most of these out in the ideas on what makes it work!

Season 1 seemed to be a hit for the Fyi, TV show "Married at Fist Sight" because the are searching for individuals to participate in the next social experiment now (Singles Wanted).

What are your thoughts... What makes a relationship work? Would you consider going this route to find love?

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Inspiration Tuesday: Believe in Magic?

Today I want to share with you all an inspirational quote; hoping to make this a Tuesday ritual...
"Those Who Don't Believe in Magic, Will Never Find It!" - Roald Dahl
Inspired by the words I read on a Pinterest post on the Red Band Society page, I decided to make this image and share the powerful words with you!

Life is hard, but believing that Magic exist will allow us to hopefully find our true gifts, reach goals, and live a happy and more inspired life.

Red Band Society, a new series that starts tomorrow on FOX, shows how inspiration and even happiness can be found; even in the hardest triumphs of Life!

This has inspired me to try my best to see the positive and search for the magic that will allow me to focus more on the positive; and find my true calling!

Hope you all can find your Magic too!!

*Have a great day & live Life to the fullest!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Juicy Rotisserie Chicken

Tonight's dinner is looking tasty in the Rotisserie Oven and it is looking GOOD!

Juicy Rotisserie Chicken

About an hour to go and we'll be able to enjoy this Juicy Rotisserie Chicken!  I love cooking them, but it is somewhat time consuming; therefore, I only get a chance to do one every so often.

BUT.. waiting on it to cook is well worth it!

The chicken is SO tender and juicy, it just tears right off the bone!

     My Elite Cuisine .8Cu. Ft. Toaster Oven with Rotisserie was a Birthday Gift; and I have to admit it is one of my favorites!

      So far the only part I have used is the Rotisserie oven and warming buns in the top, but there are a lot of recipes that come along with it to try in the future!

     Does anyone else have this oven?  If so, PLEASE share your favorite meals you cook with it!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Foolish Choices: Sneaking Out

How do we get our teenagers to not make the foolish choices that we made growing up?  I know that I didn't always listen, and things could have turned out so badly in the end!

I got a lecture from my mom today.. Yes! I'm almost 40, and I still get this (lol).  We were discussing some advice I gave to my teenage daughter; and she reminded me that she gave me the same advice and I didn't listen. (lol)  I remember times I sure wish I would have.. It was so terrifying!

When I about 15 I went home with a friend from school... whom, My parents would have NEVER allowed me stay with if they knew her dad was never home.  Even though her sisters were older and acted like a mom in most cases.  My mom wouldn't have allowed that situation overnight without an adult home!

At the time,  I thought she was paranoid, but as a mom now.. I see her point!!!

Anyways..  My friend and I decided that it would be COOL to walk about 1 1/2 miles up the road to the store at about 11 o'clock at night out in the country.  ((NOT A GOOD IDEA))  I guess because we had done it in the day time, we assumed it wouldn't be any different.

As we walked down the long, dark country road a car or two passed by.  With not very many houses, I become a little weary  of the situation and wanted to head back.  However, I didn't want to sound like chicken or a big baby ((I had a rep to uphold, lol, I'm sure if you've been 15, you understand what I'm saying)).

Over half way there we see a car coming up the road and hear the music blaring.  I became uncomfortable and a little fearful as the car got closer; and so did my friend!!  We knew that we had not made a good decision and that we weren't going to ever try it again.. IF we made it back home alright!

As the car got to us it slowed down, almost to a stop!  There were 4 or 5 boys/men (not sure) which sounded drunk, hollering out the windows, and throwing stuff.  I don't think that I have ever been scared-er than I was in that very moment!!

They past-us-by and started to slow down more, like they were going to come back.. SO, we took off running into the field and stood behind some roadside brush and trees.  They rode past us 3-4 times before they ever stopped.  we ended up sitting there for about an hour longer just to make sure they were coming back, before we turned to make our way back home. During these days, cell phones didn't exist, and we couldn't call no one unless we made our way to the store.

This foolish choice could have had TERRIBLE consequences.. Thankfully, they did not!!

I told my daughter this story in order to scare her in some way, I mean, we have to THINK about what could happen.  Especially, when you're young!  Parents tell you "No" for a reason (lol), even if it doesn't always seem to be a big deal to you!

*My question to you all, is:  What were your foolish teenage choices? and How do we keep our kids from making them?

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Romantic Wednesdays: "Romantic Buttons"

What are your Romantic Buttons?  What are your partners?  Do you know what they are!?

I was reading an article earlier that said "We all have Romantic Buttons, and knowing your partners Romantic Buttons could help you with a partner that is being cold and distant".

However, I think that these questions are better known 

to keep the fire burning... 

Many people aren't romantic by nature, but their partner knows this about them (I'd hope).  However, even when this isn't the persons nature, something sweet and/or out of the normal will be romantic to their partner.

Knowing the 'romantic buttons' will give you an advantage when you are trying to some them some extra love-n-care..

Simple things can make your partner melt-into-your-hands... I think would include (but not limited to):
  • Sweet gestures.. little notes, texts, of something that lets them know they are your 'one', when you're not together.  
    • My husband used to work out of town; so, I would always stick a note in his bag before he left.  Sometime during his trip he would find it; and it made him feel loved and miss home a little.  I think the little things like this help connect a relationship on some new levels.
    • A text out of the blue that says "Thinking of you!"  (If this is something that wouldn't normally occur)
  • A foot rub... I don't know about all of you, but there is nothing better than a good foot rub/massage.  It's like heaven (lol).  My husband seems to feel more relaxed and enjoy one as well.  However, this be something that you or your partner could hate.. knowing this is key! 
  • Full Body massage... will leave your partner relaxed and you may even get one in return!  This is not only a relaxation tool but could also be a romantic one as well if you know their romantic buttons! 

Try to make them feel loved & wanted, in my opinion, is an important key in any relationship, but know what your partners' romantic buttons are (what turns them on, so to speak) is as well!  Yes, these things are important to know when the other is cold and distant (mad.. lol); but using them to bring you closer is never a bad idea either.. I think!!  What are you all's thoughts?

Monday, May 26, 2014

Wow, I did it!

I have never finished anything big that I started, so it seems; but four years ago I started a journey and tonight I finished it!  It's almost bitter-sweet!

I was a stay-at-home mom for a very long time, but when the kids both went off to school I found myself having way too much extra time on my hands.  I wanted to get a part-time job, but only one form of transportation, no particular job-trade,  and young children I was somewhat lost and out of opportunities.

A friend of mine at the time was going to school online and suggested that I check into it; so, I did.  After talking to a counselor off and on a few times, in March 23, 2010 I decided to take a leap and do something that I had wanted to do for a long time.. Go back to school!

The first 6 months of school were fairly easy, since they seemed like refresher classes and classes that were a lot focused on what each person thought.. and I was getting the hang of managing my time to get everything accomplished; and feeling proud of myself!

Classes got difficult after a while, online math isn't no joke; but I pulled through (some how) and finally finished my Associates Degree January 29, 2013!

Deciding to go on to get my Bachelor's wasn't an easy decision, but with some conversation I was convinced it couldn't hurt anything!

Things got harder and I pushed myself to the limit many times to get assignments completed and learn the information that I needed to.. and I showed myself that I could do much more than I ever believed.  I struggled; yet, I was driven to learn so much more!!

Tonight I submitted my very LAST assignment... Wow, I did it!  I completed my Bachelor's Degree!

It is so exciting to be finished, to have finished such a huge goal, and I am so proud of myself for sticking it out even when things got tough; however, I am so terrified and excited at once about what comes next!

~Regardless of what comes next or in the future, this is one moment that I will always treasure forever!!

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Ordering Flowers Online

I'm not one to order/purchase online; however, I did recently due to  situation out of my control!

My brother-in-law passed away a few weeks ago and I wasn't able to make it to the funeral.  He lived a few hours away and my local florist costs to get a flower delivered there was a little outrageous in my opinion.

I tried finding a Florist in the area and the prices were steep, to say the least.  I came across Flower Delivery Express during my search and the flowers looked beautiful; however, I was a little skeptical because you never know if you'll get what you paid for when you order online (or with someone new)!  

After much debate, I decided to purchase a Easter Lily for $39.99 at Flower Delivery Express; and my sister told me that the Lily was beautiful!  :)

I'm glad that things were as they appeared on the website and the flower was delivered on time!!  I will definitely go with them again in the future if I find myself in the same situation; however, they were a little cheaper than my local florist so I may decide to try them again for local delivery!

Just thought that I would share my experience with you all; and let you know that I was pleased with the service I received from them.

You Never know when you may need a good flower service; and knowing a company has worked out well for someone else is always nice to consider (in my opinion).

Have you ever shopped with Flower Deliver Express?  If so, what was your experience like?  If not, next time you need a service, check them out; and let us know what you think of them!

**This post is stickily my opinion, based on my experience; and I have not been paid to say so and I am not affiliated with them either!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

A New Me: Let's Get Started!

A New Me: Let's Get Started!: It's time to STOP talking and GET started living a healthier life!! I am going to start by changing ...

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Diaper-Cake: Baby Girl Stroller with Dancing Shoes and Singing Birds

A few months back I did another Diaper Cake... and once again, it was for a little girl!  I have used the same blanket on a few diaper cakes; therefore, I wanted something different!  I really love being able to do some things like this every now and then because I hardly get to do it much any more...

 I loved this Diaper-Cake!  The color-combo worked nicely together and it just gave me a sweet feeling inside when I looked at it! I only wish that I could have found a blanket to match the ballet slippers.. that would have turned out nicely, I think!  What do you think?


I made this one for a family member.  We went to the store and she picked out a few things she liked and what I needed; and in a few hours, this is what we had!

I have to say that the first time I made a Diaper-Cake, it took me a little while (lol); but after making a few now, the time has diminished a lot!

Please.. Share your thoughts and your creative Diaper-Cakes or other gift ideas with us!!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Relationship Wednesday : Communication in 2013

People are talking less and typing more these days... How does this affect communication in the relationship? 

Couples can chat during the day here and there, or when they are in the same room if they choose. 
Communication in 2013 is so different from what it was 10 years ago, we wrote letters.. now we text.

I was discussing an issue that a young lady was experiencing in her relationship, with her, and
She explained how they were having issues in a few areas and how communication has become an issue for them!

Being married for over 10 years, I have been there.. many times (lol); and if any of you have been in a relationship for any length of time, I'm sure you have to!

Its hard to take that step to start a conversation when there's an elephant in the room!

I couldn't help myself in trying to encourage her that things would get better and suggested to write her feelings down and to maybe share them with her husband.

So... for this Relationship Wednesday I wanted to share that  Communicating in 2013 can allow us to talk & flirt more to keep the friendship & fires of the relationship going, but when we are in a hard spot it can allow us to talk about our feelings without being interrupted by the other or just being easier to express through writing our thoughts and/or feelings out...

 ... if we can only take advantage of these changes and use them to better our communication within our relationships .. I think!  Thoughts?

*How Do You Communicate in 2013 within your relationship, different than before?

   Comment Below & Share your Relationship Communication Tips with others!
   (Please, keep comments clean!)

Miley had Twins!

Last week, I told you all about Miley being Pregnant; and today she had them  (Congrats, Miley)!

I am a little worried though because she has only had 2, Twins (lol)!

This is not typical for a Rottweiler according to the vet *(and from what I have experienced with another Rottie), but not to say it couldn't happen; however, it could be possible that she's not done and could have some more still.

As of now we have 2 puppies.. a boy (which came first @ 10: 47 am) and a girl (came @ 11:50).  Hard to tell if they will resemble her or not considering she was knocked-up by a stray (this still irritates me, lol).  They both appear to be solid black; however, I have not handled them much.

I have been a little worried about her though... I hope that she has delivered all she needs too or that her body is just taking it's time (like our's do sometimes) and she isn't having and trouble!

Have you ever experienced this or know someone that has?  i would love to hear that everything was alright in your case; or know if I need to be taking other actions!

Thanks for any feedback!!!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

OMG, Miley's Pregnant!!

We've confirmed over the past few weeks that our Miley is indeed pregnant, even though we were praying she wasn't!  She's expected to go around April 2nd - the 8th according to some estimates I have seen;  however, 9 weeks lands on the 2nd so I guess we will have to wait and see!

She is starting to lay around and is obviously miserable!  I can relate to that, because when I was pregnant I was the same way... Not saying humans and dogs pregnancies are that similar (lol). 

I feel bad for her in a way, she looks so sad!  

I'm hoping that she has them soon, but not too many!  Our first Rottie Lady had 13 her first litter; and they all lived!  It was a headache keeping up with that many and trying to find a good home as well!

Our plan was to breed Miley once and have her fixed, just to help rule out Cancer; because the vet said it was good to let a female dog have at least 1 little because of this.

However, not knowing she was even in heat, she left the yard and got hung-up with a stray.. UGHHH!!  So now Miley is Pregnant and we wait to see what the puppies will look like & how many babies she will have!

I will let you all know when the big day comes and tell you all about it!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

How are your finances?

This time of the year businesses are making money... It's tax time!  And for those of us who have been living paycheck-to-paycheck or struggled due to the economy all year, it is the time that we buy the things that we need or the little extra's we didn't get all year.  Which-ever it may be, or neither..  we all enjoy being able to have something we need or want when we have a little more cash!

However.. why not learn better spending or saving habits through-out the year?!  Personally, sometimes I wonder where there is any money left to try to put up and save; but there are ways to accomplish this.

Kmart teamed up with author of Girl, Get Your Money Straight!, Glinda Bridgforth; creating Share the Word in Honor of Black History Month and creating a free downloadable family finance e-guide.

Not only are customer's able to receive great tips on their finances, but they are able to download a free e-book to guide them & track their journey! This guide includes help with a family budget and savings advice, useful templates, and helpful money saving tips too!

Kmart Share the Word photo STWStacked-01_zpsb50e2957.jpgThe Share The Word Financial Empowerment platform was created to honor the African-American legacy and provide valuable resources to enhance the lives of Kmart customers. Glinda’s guide has it all. In addition, she’ll help you make your money go further with Kmart programs such as Layaway and Shop Your Way Rewards benefits. Are you ready to take your budget by the reigns?!

I just downloaded my copy and you can download yours at:   I also would like to hear your finance secrets; and I will share a few along the way (after I get started)!

This year should be the start of new beginnings in many area's of our lives.. and let's face it, finances play a HUGE part!  Let's start saving!!

**Share your TIPS below!!
**Get your ebook and Share the Word!

Happy Saving!!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Another Girl

Recently, I did a diaper-cake for a friend who had a beautiful baby girl!  I was sick when the Baby Shower took place; therefore, I never made it until she gave birth.  I was thrilled at the reactions from people as I carried it up to her room in the hospital.

This one was prepared in about an hour and a half, due to short timing; but I think it turned out alright, she seemed to have loved it!

My 3rd Diaper-Cake

I have to do another one next month for another little girl (wishing someone would have a boy).  This time I am going to try something completely different, sorta like the little boy one I did a while back.  I can't wait to get another chance to do something for a boy because I have seen a layered diaper-cake that I have got to do! :)  It is similar to the same this...

This is a diaper-cake a friend did as a center-piece for her cousin's shower. I thought it was rather cute!

The little boy one I seen it layered the same, but uses camo receiving blankets, cute shoes to top, and some confetti type stuff to deck-it-up...

I'll have to see if I can locate it to show you!

Another Girl Diaper-Cake, but it sure is fun creating them; and most of all knowing I gave a heart-felt gift!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

A new way to add conversation to your website!

Most Social Media sites we visit offers the option to chat with our friends and/or followers... but do you have this available on your website or as a personal option?  RumbleTalk  is a hot new website that offers Chat-Room's for websites; and I found it to be a very neat and fun thing to have; so, I have decided to give it a try here!

RumbleTalk has many different themes to choose from, very stylish ones at that; and changing yours can be very simple!

I'm sure that you have noticed the floating bubble at the bottom left of the page, this is the Life Chatroom I created in a matter of minutes for Life.  Best thing is, I decided to change the theme and I did not have to change the code on this page once!  Once I saved my new theme on RumbleTalk, it automatically changed here, on Life.  If you click on the bubble, you can chat!  I love simple, how about you!

Customizing your chat options and boxes are endless... design your own custom HTML or CSS to match your site or theme or choose from already created templates.

Use Chatroom's on your website to discuss the latest, events, or base your chatbox towards the Topics your site focuses on...

Create a Educational Chatbox for eLearning, Healthcare focused conversations, Exercise, Romance, or whatever you choose..
Build your audience for whatever need you have, It is up to you!

We can chat from any device with RumbleTalk, smartphones, tables, or the PC.. we can stay connected from anywhere & at anytime; with 30 different languages to choose from!

Link with your friends on Facebook and/or Twitter; and share your favorite videos and/or images in one spot.

However, you always find someone who wants to cause drama when they can login and say whatever they choose, but RumbleTalk provides options to block users by their usernames, IP addresses, and more!

No downloads, just copy & paste the code or share a link if you do not have a website of your own.. It's up to you!

Try out the new way to conversate and let me know what you think!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year Everyone!

Happy New Year Everyone!  I hope that 2014 brings you all the joy, love, & laughter!  I'm sorry that I haven't been posting much, but with the holidays I wanted to spend time with family & friends.. and things were pretty busy! 

Wanted to share an inspirational song with you all & hope that the words will mean as much & inspire you today and through the remaining days of 2014...

~Happy New Year!!