Monday, July 1, 2013

Life's Weekly Quote: Endless Possibilities

Consider what Would be Possible if.... 

You didn't live Life by the expectations and limitations that other people have put on you.
You be in charge of going as far as you know you can.  
 Work harder than you thought you could. and longer than you think you should...
never say no to an idea until you consider what might be possible!

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Is Compromise 'Really' That Important?

 Lately I have been thinking about Compromising as I see many relationships that are just beginning, hanging by a thread, thriving, and also a few that are ending.  How important is compromise in a relationship?

  I am NO expert on relationships, but it is my opinion that we should Pick our Battles!

  My husband and I have had our far share of disagreements over the years, but if we argued over every little thing that we want to be right or win in ... well, we would be fussing all the time; and WHO has time for that!

 A relationship is supposed to be about having fun, being there for one another, and wanting to spend time with the other person.  (Don't get me wrong.. there is other stuff too, but just wanted to name a few)

  However, let's face facts... we are going to disagree and have to learn to compromise a little along the way; but we don't have to fight each and every thing out.. it's compromise! (It seems like all the successful relationships that I have seen have this key factor.)

  Let me be clear... I am not saying that we should let anyone run all over us, make us do things we don't feel comfortable with, or that our partners should have it their way all the time.  I AM saying.. Pick your Battles!

  Arguing over the silly things like what you're watching on TV prevent us from enjoying the moment of just being together.. Compromise by saying who ever gets the remote now has to watch what the other wants to afterwards.  Why not?  I mean, DVR it for later if you have to (I believe this is an option for many of us today)!  Getting mad, fussing, and going to bed/leaving angry isn't going to help your relationship at all, it's going to hurt it (in my opinion, that is).

  I believe that when we learn to compromise about the little things our relationship gains a unique quality.. Communication. Working together without an argument says a lot in a relationship (however, there will be one on occasion).  I believe this makes a relationship stronger for the tougher times that may be ahead.

 **So..  Is compromise 'really' that important in your relationship?
~Consider this the next time you feel an argument approaching or you need to compromise with your partner. Try talking things out and coming to a decision that you both can agree on; and see how it affects your relationship.  Let me know!! :)