Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Relationship Wednesday : Communication in 2013

People are talking less and typing more these days... How does this affect communication in the relationship? 

Couples can chat during the day here and there, or when they are in the same room if they choose. 
Communication in 2013 is so different from what it was 10 years ago, we wrote letters.. now we text.

I was discussing an issue that a young lady was experiencing in her relationship, with her, and
She explained how they were having issues in a few areas and how communication has become an issue for them!

Being married for over 10 years, I have been there.. many times (lol); and if any of you have been in a relationship for any length of time, I'm sure you have to!

Its hard to take that step to start a conversation when there's an elephant in the room!

I couldn't help myself in trying to encourage her that things would get better and suggested to write her feelings down and to maybe share them with her husband.

So... for this Relationship Wednesday I wanted to share that  Communicating in 2013 can allow us to talk & flirt more to keep the friendship & fires of the relationship going, but when we are in a hard spot it can allow us to talk about our feelings without being interrupted by the other or just being easier to express through writing our thoughts and/or feelings out...

 ... if we can only take advantage of these changes and use them to better our communication within our relationships .. I think!  Thoughts?

*How Do You Communicate in 2013 within your relationship, different than before?

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Miley had Twins!

Last week, I told you all about Miley being Pregnant; and today she had them  (Congrats, Miley)!

I am a little worried though because she has only had 2, Twins (lol)!

This is not typical for a Rottweiler according to the vet *(and from what I have experienced with another Rottie), but not to say it couldn't happen; however, it could be possible that she's not done and could have some more still.

As of now we have 2 puppies.. a boy (which came first @ 10: 47 am) and a girl (came @ 11:50).  Hard to tell if they will resemble her or not considering she was knocked-up by a stray (this still irritates me, lol).  They both appear to be solid black; however, I have not handled them much.

I have been a little worried about her though... I hope that she has delivered all she needs too or that her body is just taking it's time (like our's do sometimes) and she isn't having and trouble!

Have you ever experienced this or know someone that has?  i would love to hear that everything was alright in your case; or know if I need to be taking other actions!

Thanks for any feedback!!!