Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Child's Dream

Every Sunday morning, there is a small newspaper in my driveway and normally I just chunk it in the trash. I do this because it always seems to be a bunch of crime and stuff I'd rather start my day off with. That and I do enough reading for school (lol).

However, about two weeks ago I decided to take a look. This is a small community paper, so it listed special events and other things going on. I found it interesting, so I read it again this week; and the listing was still there!

The first week I had read a listing for volunteers to help with the Make a Wish Foundation. The volunteer would be responsible for meeting with the families to determine the wish, explaining the process, and helping make the wish as creative as possible if the family is chosen!

"WoW... that would be an awarding, heart-filled, but hard job!: I said to my husband. I only wished I had the time to dedicate to something so remarkable.. but wondered if I could handle working with children whom I know are about to die.

So, this week it was in the paper once again; and I thought about this job every since. Making a dying child's dream come true; a few hours to forget about their worries and be a kid, and just have fun! How remarkable would that be!

At the moment I don't have the time required to meet and plan a day that a child will treasure, but I hope in the future I get a chance to!

**If anyone reading this does have the time and heart to volunteer, contact your local Make a Wish Foundation help make dreams come true!!