Thursday, May 30, 2013

Is your Comment viewed as Spam?

I have received many comments on my Blog recently... most of them are great comments saying how much they love my blog ((Thanks)), but they don't fit the topic being discussed... or they are brief comments on the blog, but clearly trying to link their site! .. and sadly I don't publish these comments because they don't add to the Topic Conversation.. and I hate that!!

I understand wanting to share your Blog or Website, and get more traffic... So, I have added a spot for everyone to do just that!!

I want my readers to find new places on the web that they enjoy.. But I want them to also read valuable comments to the conversations they are reading as well.

So.. If you want to share a link or shout out a short comment with your link, I have created a place for that!  And I won't publish any more replies to other conversations that don't benefit it.. if they are links, I'll have to mark as spam because they aren't meant there.  I hate to result to that but I am just becoming overwhelmed with these type of comments and it is distracting my view from the Blog and don't know another way to solve the problem.

Don't let your comment become spam on Life...  Share your Links on Life HERE!

Thanks!!!  :)