Thursday, January 31, 2013

It really touched my heart

     On the way to take my daughter to school this morning I saw something that really touched my heart, and I'm not sure why it did in such a way.  I mean, it was only human courtesy; however, that seems to be so rare this day in time!!   In so many ways it was much more than that though...   Here's what happened.

    I was driving my daughter to school this morning, chatting as we always do on the way, when I see a couple of cars beside the road near a bad intersection.  At first, I thought there was an accident, but I did not see any blue lights and seen the other cars moving over into the other lane to pass by.   Soon I realized that it was someone who was broke down and began to slow down because the traffic is heavy that time of the morning and the intersection happens to be in a curve.

    As I approached the vehicles beside the road (there was 3 of them) I realized that someone had a flat tire.  Immediately, my daughter said "Hey, that's (and said the kids name); and MR__ & MR __ (The names of two Teachers from her school)!"  

   I looked again, and here is what the scene looked like... The kid was changing the front driver side tire and one teacher was standing beside him assisting; but seemed to be watching the traffic as well.  The other teacher was standing at the back of the car on the edge of the road watching oncoming traffic, but in a way that he knew people would see him and then notice the kid changing the tire.

   First of all, I was impressed that anyone had stopped, most of all two teachers on their way into school.  BUT... seeing their faces and their actions, it seemed to be much more than that!  They were making sure he got the tire fixed SAFELY!  They looked as if they were worried about the traffic and place he was at and wanted to assure everything was alright.... They were acting like his parents in that moment. 

     I know that kids who are driving themselves to school feel like adults because they often act like they are; but they are still kids who need to be kept safe!  These teachers felt the same (I assume) and done their best to help, even though they were on their way to work.

    Maybe these are just my interpretations of the way I would hope teachers would care for their students or any human would be towards another... it touched my heart!



Friday, January 11, 2013

Keeping our Kids Safe on their Smartphones

Smartphones are every where, they offer us the ability to communicate with anyone at anytime through texting, email, picture/video messaging, and the availability to surf the web from anywhere!  More and more kids (mostly pre-teen/teenagers) are getting smartphones as well, which allows them to have the same access; and sometimes this means having more access than we, as parents, would like them to!

... They are able to have contact and share information with anybody!?

It can be really scary if you let yourself think of all the things that kids could get into on their smartphones; and that is why I have been searching for parental control apps or software that I can use on my daughters phone!

During my search for software, I came across a site called Mobile Minder; and I found it to be a very interesting piece of software that helps parents in the effort of keeping their kids safe on their smartphones!!

However... Are some of these apps/software allowing parents to access more than they need to?  Are they invading the privacy of their child by having access to all emails, texts, etc.?  I am on the fence on this in some aspects.. BUT I would love to hear you all's opinions!  (My child's Safety is my #1 concern!)

Continue on to check out all the Apps & Software I found that can help you Protect and keep up with your Child!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Prosecuting Casey Anthony on Lifetime ... Will you watch?

    I remember watching as volunteers searched for missing toddler, Caylee Anthony; and
how it unfolded into the most viewed trial in over a decade when her mother (Casey Anthony) was charged with her murder.

    Casey was the most hated woman in America, so it seemed, as millions of people watched the story unfold and many camped out side a court house in Florida to await the verdict.. only to see a verdict of not guilty to first degree murder.  However, she was found guilty on a couple of the other charges, but only spent a couple more days in jail to finish out the sentence.

    The day Casey was released from jail, she had to be sneaked out due to death threats and many angry volunteers and bystanders who waited outside the jail.  The car was ambushed with these people and she immediately went into hiding.
    The prosecutor on the Casey Anthony trail wrote a book afterwards and now Lifetime has made a movie based on the facts and the story of the prosecutor... "Prosecuting Casey Anthony".  Here is a preview of the movie tailor..

    The new movie will air on January 19, 2013 on Lifetime and many are saying that it should have never been made into a movie, but how many of these people will still watch!?  Will you?



Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Fake Rose

        It was the morning of Michael and Marie's 15 year Anniversary, the day started as normal, but with an extra sweet kiss and wishes for a special day.  They had made reservations at their favorite restaurant and special plans to celebrate this anniversary like no other; After all, it has been 15 wonderful years!

        Therefore, when the doorbell rings in the middle of day.. Marie is surprised to see A dozen of beautiful red roses that Michael has sent; however, one of them is Fake!

       The florist must have made a mistake, she thought to herself... until she read the the most beautiful words that made her Heart Skip a Beat....

Dear Marie,

I will love you til the last rose fades!

Love Always, 

Friday, January 4, 2013

How to save money on Medication, Tests, and at the Vet

Saving money in 2013 is one of my resolutions for this year, but starting the year off sick has opened my eyes to the outrageous costs of medication and doctor fee's; because these costs are out the roof!!

I have watched my family members struggle to pay out-of-pocket for medication for years; and now that I am getting older I have seen first-hand how it affects my budget when me or my husband get sick.

My aunt just 65 and medicare and other insurance providers have been swamping here with mail and phone calls the past few months. Recently, she signed up with a company and with all the information that they sent to her was a prescription savings card.

She used the card (Rx Cut) at the Walmart pharmacy shortly after, just to see if it really would save her any money! (??)  Her prescription normally costs her $120 and she only payed $53... ((WOW!))  I was honestly, impressed!  And I will definitely be keeping the one she gave me because it saved me a little bit of money this week on my medication!

This  insurance card can also save us money at the vet, CT, MRI, Lab services, and other things at the hospital and/or doctor's office as well...  and best of all, it is 100% FREE to everyone!!

 **And you can print your own card right from the website, anytime!!

I hope that this information will help other's who don't have $400 to spend out-of-pocket on doctor visits and/or medication.

For more information, check out the website or call: 
Phone # 1-800-808-1213