Tuesday, August 21, 2012

No Words Will Help...

   Yesterday, I attended a funeral/wake for a baby... Funeral's are difficult, no matter what age the person may be, but a baby or a child who hasn't truly experienced life yet is really hard to bare.

    A family member was pregnant and everything was going great; and there had not been any problems the whole pregnancy. However, out of the blue she starts bleeding; worried out of her mind she went to the ER to see what was going on and they told her the baby had died.  This was the worse thing that ever happened in her life she believed, but giving birth and holding this beautiful newborn was 1000 times worse.

   Trying to express your sympathy at a time like this is hard in itself, but knowing no words will help is far worse.  You just want to do anything you can to take the pain away, but you can't.. it's so hard when nothing that you do can or will help.  I guess just being there if they need you and listening when they need an ear, is the best things we can do!

   The funeral was a memorial event, focusing on family and togetherness.  I am glad that they decided to do something like this because I believe that it will help them move forward.  Although, I know it will take time and faith to help them along the way.

     The ceremony was followed by releasing Balloon to Heaven, for River.   It was so sweet and the kids (which would have been the siblings of River) really enjoyed and embraced the thought of doing something special in the memory of him.

     I think this was the sweetest thing ever; and it amazed me how the balloons stayed together all the way up and almost seemed to form pictures as they did.  

In Loving Memory of River Grey