Thursday, November 20, 2014

Are We Taking Life TOO Serious?

After getting home from work today, I checked out my Facebook as normal, and come across a story from WRAL ( about a new, barbie type, doll with acne and tattoo's on her.  They asked parents if they would buy it; and the comments were all over the place!  Do you think you would?

Personally, I'm not sure if I would or not; but if we were shopping and she liked it... Why Not?  (Even though the doll could have blended the acne/tattoo's  a lot better, I think!)  Kids don't see these things as an influence as much as we think they do (I don't think).  Now I would not have ever bought the "pregnant doll" because I do think that one was a little too much for little girls to be playing with (just my opinion).

Acne is a given... I mean, kids are going to experience it, not many ways around it for most of us.  Are we saying that acne is wrong or ugly in so way!?  Because this is how it sounds when we don't want our kids to have a doll with it. I'm just saying that even though I DO see the side that everyone is pointing out, but I see the companies reasoning in some ways as well.  I guess the tattoo's on the doll would be more concern for me, even though my husband and I both have one.  I just don't want my girls to think they should have one before they are ready; and when they clearly realize that many people ((not all)) still view and have negative opinions about them!

However, kids love the idea of putting the fake tattoo's on themselves; and having the same one as their doll... How cool is that!?  That's what the kid's thinking, Right?

So, I ask..
                  Are we taking Life TOO seriously?  

I think sometimes we do!  I know I have been someone who views most situations in a negative spotlight or worried about the outcome more than I needed to, for most of my life.  But Life if too short for all that; and we have so many, MUCH bigger issues in the world that we need to be worried about (in my opinion). 

As Parents we don't like every product that is focused towards kids, as spouses we don't like every product focused towards our significant other, and as women/men we don't like everything sold that focuses on our gender... My Point is that, as individuals, we have the choice to buy it or leave it in the store.  If enough people dislike the product it will disappear! :)  ((Maybe lol))

Leave your thoughts below, I would love to hear them!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Has Life Thrown YOU a Curve-Ball?

Life is never simple, but sometimes it throws us a curve-ball that we could have never dreamed!

I've been talking to a lot of friends and new people about their lives and some have stories of the impossible dreams coming true; yet, others have stories about things that you'd never wish on another.  Regardless, both have inspiring stories of how it changed their lives forever!
In the next few weeks (maybe months) I am hoping to join with a few of these Bloggers and individuals where I can share these stories with you all!  ((I can't wait))
I've had a few curve-balls during my lifetime, but no matter how horrible they were there are people who have experienced much worse; and many have been blessings that changed the direction in which I continued go! :)   I'm hoping to share a few of my own life stories with you all as well!

Has Life Thrown YOU a Curve-Ball?  I'm sure it has!  Please, leave a comment below and tell me your story or share a link to it (These won't be published unless the are legit).

Looking Forward to Sharing...

My Diaper-Cakes: Extra Credit?

 Yesterday, out of the blue, I decided to make my daughter's teacher a Diaper-Cake.  I had thought bout it a few times; and wanted to do something special....Read More:

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Just trying to keep them Safe!

As children grow into young adults, most parents wonder where the time went as they are excited and a little overwhelmed with all the changes that are occurring along the way!  Recently, my oldest turned 16 and was able to get a licence...  and I began to think these things more than ever before!

It seems like yesterday that we came home from the hospital; yet, today I watched the car drive away in fear that something horrible would happen while I wasn't there!

I've tried my best to instill things that all young people should be thinking about when they begin driving on their own, and every day after.  I believe it is natural to feel terrified as a parent because everyone else on the road isn't watching what they are doing and we know that they haven't been faced with those emergency reactions until they take place.

As a women, there are things that I probably do that my husband wouldn't; but things I've instilled into my children and I think every driver needs to do to assure their safety at all times... this is what my kids call "being paranoid" but I think it is just being cautious!

These things include, but aren't limited to:

  1. NO Phone!! ~ Phones scare me when it comes to driving.  I don't go a day that I don't see someone texting or looking at their phone when they are behind the wheel.  One second looking at the phone could result in killing someone or hurting yourself.. It's NOT worth it!!
  2. Be Aware of Your Surroundings! ~  You never know who is hiding around a corner or watching to catch you off guard.
  3. Keep Doors Locked (Especially at night when driving alone) ~ You never know who is lurking near a stop sign/light or in a parking lot.  This also prevents someone from climbing into your backseat when you aren't in the car.
  4. Check fluids and tires often ~ Check fluids and tires on a regular basis.  You don't want to get stranded out in the middle of nowhere!
  5. Battery is Charged ~  Make sure phone battery is charged in case you need it in an emergency!
  6. Be Visual ~ When you are coming out of a store or even at home, be visual of everything.  Look under the car and around it as you approach to assure no one is lurking.
  7. Breaking Down ~ This one is a scary one as a parent because I would hate my child to be broke down beside the road, especially at night!  My advice would be to call someone as soon as you pull over (especially at night), keep doors locked, and stay in the car until help arrives. I know this doesn't pertain to every situation, but for my teenager it does! lol
  8. Don't Stop to Help someone who is Broke Down (especially female drivers)! ~ I know this sounds cold, but you never know if you are walking into a trap!  I talk my children to call for help if they see someone stranded that appear to need help, but to never stop unless they know that person personally.  This day-and-time it just isn't safe anymore!
I'm sure you may agree with my children, that I'm paranoid, after reading this tips to follow; but I think that we can never be too cautious or even paranoid if that's what you want to call it!  I just want my kids and everyone else to be more caution and stay Safe!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Relationship Wednesday: Honor Your Vows

I was raised that MARRIAGE is sacred and special!

For all you men/women who get the thought that the 'grass is a little greener elsewhere' (which you'll probably realize later, isn't).. show your partner a little RESPECT and leave before you hurt/scar them with cheating. And for all the men/women that didn't take those VOWS with someone, show a little Character/Self-Respect for those who have and don't go skirt'in around with someone else's husband/wife!!

As I have seen so many marriages destroyed and too many people hurt by cheating lately, I wonder what happened to people taking these vows seriously! If you don't want to be there.. LEAVE! Don't run around behind their back with someone else or be the one that their running around with... Because our character matters (or it should at least), and behaving like hormonal teenagers isn't how adults should act! ((Just Saying))

My Thoughts this Wednesday is that... If you love someone enough to take that leap, love and respect them enough not to cheat!

If you feel that your relationships not working...
     try to communicate, seek help, or go your separate ways in the best way possible...

Don't make every memory of yourself in your mates eyes be destroyed by being unfaithful.. Honor Your Vows!

*This is just my opinion, I would love to hear yours!