Monday, March 18, 2013

Just Tanked My Test

    I just started a College Algebra class this week and had my first test scheduled today.. and I tanked it! Ugh!

    This was a take once only test; and when I logged in I clicked the test instead of the practice one, and once I started it I could not exit out.  Unfortunately, since I had not completed my study guide and pretest review first.. I was not prepared.

     I hate that this happened because it will hurt my grade in this class, but it's week one; therefore, I have to buckle down and work hard to get all the points I can for the rest of this class.

     I hate algebra, but I will get through it.. I only have this one and one more Math class to take, so it's all good! (lol)

    I hate that I just tanked my Math test.. but mistakes happen (like my little mix-up) and I haven't really put in the time in that I should have this week either, it have been chaotic..  With my husband in the ER, had a baby stroller to make, work, school, kids, and home (just to name a few) I have put off school when I shouldn't have!

    Next week is going to be different... I can do this if I set my mind to it!  I will not tank my test next week!!