Thursday, January 10, 2013

Prosecuting Casey Anthony on Lifetime ... Will you watch?

    I remember watching as volunteers searched for missing toddler, Caylee Anthony; and
how it unfolded into the most viewed trial in over a decade when her mother (Casey Anthony) was charged with her murder.

    Casey was the most hated woman in America, so it seemed, as millions of people watched the story unfold and many camped out side a court house in Florida to await the verdict.. only to see a verdict of not guilty to first degree murder.  However, she was found guilty on a couple of the other charges, but only spent a couple more days in jail to finish out the sentence.

    The day Casey was released from jail, she had to be sneaked out due to death threats and many angry volunteers and bystanders who waited outside the jail.  The car was ambushed with these people and she immediately went into hiding.
    The prosecutor on the Casey Anthony trail wrote a book afterwards and now Lifetime has made a movie based on the facts and the story of the prosecutor... "Prosecuting Casey Anthony".  Here is a preview of the movie tailor..

    The new movie will air on January 19, 2013 on Lifetime and many are saying that it should have never been made into a movie, but how many of these people will still watch!?  Will you?