Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Best kept Laundry Tip

Does your laundry stink? Do you have kids that wet the bed? Someone in your home sweat a lot??  If your answer was YES, I found something that has really helped me get the smell out of my laundry, and it only costs me  about $2.50 at the grocery store!

For YEARS I have been re-washing loads of laundry because they still had a sweaty or pee'ie smell to them.  At first I thought it was my detergent because I was buying cheaper or store brand, but even after switched to more expensive/name brand detergents I still found it happening more than I wanted.

My husband works outside and during the summer months he gets SWEATY/SMELLY (but don't tell him I said so .. lol) and   My youngest daughter had issues with bed waiting for many years.  I found it was hard to get the smell out of her clothes/blankets; especially those that she had neglected to bring to the laundry room.

My aunt and I were discussing how hard it was to get smells out of laundry one day; because she was diagnosed with TMAU a few years back and sweats a lot at work in the heat as well... and she told me this little old school secret (lol).

Vinegar!?  Who would have thought!?  

Some of you may know that vinegar can work wonders on getting the smell out of your laundry, but until that moment.. I didn't!

So, I went to the store and bought me a bottle of white Vinegar, brought it home, washed my daughters load of laundry, washed a load of my husbands work clothes, dryed them all, and was surprisingly SHOCKED at the difference!!  

You see, I am a skeptic! lol  I din't think it was going to work and also worried that my clothes were going to smell like vinegar ((ughh))...  But it worked and I couldn't smell any trace of the vinegar; and I have been adding it to my laundry every since!! :)

I thought..  this is The best kept laundry tip I've heard ((lol)).  This is going to make laundry days a lot easier/faster!!

However, now I don't purchase it in the small bottles, I get the big jug (about the size of a bottle of Clorox).  

If you want to do this, I add about a cup (or same amount I use of Clorox in Whites) to the load when you first turn the water in, and I have poured in the Clorox spot on washer as well (not sure if I am supposed to or nor, it hasn't caused any issues thus-far).   

I have to say, this has been a laundry tip that I will use for years to come, for sure!  :)

       I have also learned that vinegar is an awesome cleaning agent as well!!