Monday, May 26, 2014

Wow, I did it!

I have never finished anything big that I started, so it seems; but four years ago I started a journey and tonight I finished it!  It's almost bitter-sweet!

I was a stay-at-home mom for a very long time, but when the kids both went off to school I found myself having way too much extra time on my hands.  I wanted to get a part-time job, but only one form of transportation, no particular job-trade,  and young children I was somewhat lost and out of opportunities.

A friend of mine at the time was going to school online and suggested that I check into it; so, I did.  After talking to a counselor off and on a few times, in March 23, 2010 I decided to take a leap and do something that I had wanted to do for a long time.. Go back to school!

The first 6 months of school were fairly easy, since they seemed like refresher classes and classes that were a lot focused on what each person thought.. and I was getting the hang of managing my time to get everything accomplished; and feeling proud of myself!

Classes got difficult after a while, online math isn't no joke; but I pulled through (some how) and finally finished my Associates Degree January 29, 2013!

Deciding to go on to get my Bachelor's wasn't an easy decision, but with some conversation I was convinced it couldn't hurt anything!

Things got harder and I pushed myself to the limit many times to get assignments completed and learn the information that I needed to.. and I showed myself that I could do much more than I ever believed.  I struggled; yet, I was driven to learn so much more!!

Tonight I submitted my very LAST assignment... Wow, I did it!  I completed my Bachelor's Degree!

It is so exciting to be finished, to have finished such a huge goal, and I am so proud of myself for sticking it out even when things got tough; however, I am so terrified and excited at once about what comes next!

~Regardless of what comes next or in the future, this is one moment that I will always treasure forever!!