Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Do you ever feel like Life has it out for you?

      I have been having a rough few months and it just doesn't seem to be getting any easy as time goes by.. just one thing after another all the time, weighing down on me like a huge rock!

     Most of you are unaware of the chaos that has been keeping me occupied lately; so, I guess I'll feel you in somewhat (not going to go into any major details though).  I am currently laid off from work; going on 2 months now and my husband doesn't have any work at the moment either (which really sucks).  My moms sugar dropped to 21 on May 24th; then, once that was taken care of she had a major reaction to some new meds which resulted in her cutting her wrist... now she is in rehab to get her strength back to come home; but they placed her in a facility over an hour away. (UGH).   Trying to make sure she has family visiting her, I have been taking this trip every week for over a month now (sometimes twice a week depending on how she is) and gas just ain't cheap!

     The last two/three weeks have been really tight, it's a new month and the bills are all due again!  Pinching here and there to keep groceries in the house and wondering when the storm will be over (so to speak) is very nerve-racking to say the least; but, Somehow things have always worked out in the past and will this time too, but until they do... stress is my middle name (lol).

     Just when you think your plate is full and you could not possibly handle another issue... LOOK! It's something else!  

     It's been raining non-stop (so it seems) for a good two weeks and the yards are drowned!  Finally it hasn't rained since Sunday morning and I decide to try to get a load or two of laundry done.. where we can have a few clean clothes, (lol) seems like they were running low.  Well.. this afternoon I decided to let the dog out and the pump sounded a little louder than normal; then my husband mentioned it all well when he walked out there.  I thought... "I really hope NOT, but be my luck (LOL)"!

     Well.. Guess what!!  ... You go it!  We have no freaking water!  The pump has decided that it will add to my list of stress and help contribute to my road to insanity (lol).  It just seems like when it rains, it floods; and I just can't seem to ever be on sturdy ground for any length of time!

     I have done really well the past couple months handling everything with my mom, family, kids, my job, school, and everything else.  I have actually been proud of myself for not dwelling on the things that I can't change and not stressing myself to death weeks before things had to be taken care of; because that used to be my normal way of dealing with stress (lol).  But, you know.. that is just too depressing and it will have you down in the dumps all the time; and that's not what I want!  However, these past weeks have really started to get the best of me.. it's like life has it out to get for me or something (lol).

  ... I don't mean to vent; and I know we all have had times when Life becomes a bit overwhelming or have had the feeling that the blows keep coming!  Just getting the thoughts out in this post (which will probably never get published) helps release stressing over it all.

     Everything will work out, it always does (due to no power of my own).. stressing or becoming depressed over things isn't going to hurt no one.. but me; and then it will be 100x worse than it is at this moment. :)  There are other's that have things way worse than I do and yet they still manage to look at the good vs. all the bad! ... as Dr. Phil would say, "That makes you a winner" (lol)