Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Last month, we hosted our first give-a-way.  and no one entered; and I was so disappointed!

It's hard to believe that of all you Moms and Creative minds would have jumped at the chance to win a full version of Digital Scrapbooking Software!

...  and I was a little disappointed because I have been getting more traffic and thought it was time to do something FUN!  :(

However..  I have faith that this was just an oversight and everyone had no idea that I was giving away such a great product that could help you treasure your memories for many years to come!!  (I'm all about capturing these days because the kids are growing way too fast!)

I want to offer another chance on this one, because I have grown to love it! BUT I don't want it to be another disappointment..

So... RATE/COMMENT THIS POST and let me know that YOU WANT ANOTHER CHANCE TO WIN YOUR FREE COPY! :) and for new give-a-ways to follow every-so-often!

**HOPE to get a ton of RATES/COMMENTS!!  (I need to know this is what my visitors want!)