Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Sun is Shinning :)

    It has been raining a lot here lately, like once or twice a week or more; and my yard looks like a swamp! I hate it when this happens because it is hard to do laundry (and anyone with kids know that laundry is a job that has to be done frequently, lol) and the yard becomes very slippery!

    I remember once, the yard like it is now... I had gone to the grocery store and got out of the car with groceries.  I rounded the front of the truck and hit a slick spot in the mud and down I went... Me & all the grocery bags covered.  (((LOL))) It wasn't funny when it happened, but afterwards it was.

  Just thought I would share an embarrassing moment that I thought about as I started this blog post.

  However, today the sun is shinning so pretty, and it was a really nice day to be out!  It won't be long and the flowers will be blooming and nice days will come more often.  I love the Springtime weather where the sun is shinning, but it is not too hot out to enjoy the day.  These are days that it is nice to work out in the yard or just take a walk, or play with the kids!

   Hope you all had an awesome day; and enjoyed the sun shinning, with no rain in sight as I did.