Friday, January 11, 2013

Keeping our Kids Safe on their Smartphones

Smartphones are every where, they offer us the ability to communicate with anyone at anytime through texting, email, picture/video messaging, and the availability to surf the web from anywhere!  More and more kids (mostly pre-teen/teenagers) are getting smartphones as well, which allows them to have the same access; and sometimes this means having more access than we, as parents, would like them to!

... They are able to have contact and share information with anybody!?

It can be really scary if you let yourself think of all the things that kids could get into on their smartphones; and that is why I have been searching for parental control apps or software that I can use on my daughters phone!

During my search for software, I came across a site called Mobile Minder; and I found it to be a very interesting piece of software that helps parents in the effort of keeping their kids safe on their smartphones!!

However... Are some of these apps/software allowing parents to access more than they need to?  Are they invading the privacy of their child by having access to all emails, texts, etc.?  I am on the fence on this in some aspects.. BUT I would love to hear you all's opinions!  (My child's Safety is my #1 concern!)

Continue on to check out all the Apps & Software I found that can help you Protect and keep up with your Child!