Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Long Night

Last night started of great; and turned into a disaster somewhat! I started cooking dinner (spaghetti)a little later than normal (about 7) because we were having a thunderstorm. However, only a minute or two into it, when the hamburger has just started to cook good, the power goes out! Grr. After about 5 minutes my husband decides to call a friend who lives right up the street and at our surprise they still have electricity. So, we walked outside to notice that the whole neighborhood still has their except us and our next-door neighbor. What in the world? She said she had contacted the power company and that they were on the way.. well, I hoped they would hurry where I didn't have to throw my food out, but that didn't happen (lol)! Turns out that the transformer went out and they had to leave and return later to fix it. Therefore, we dicided just to run into town and grab a burger from Hardeez. Finally, about 10:30 the power was restored, Thank God! I was so happy that they got it on when they did because I was about to have to go somewhere with internet to do my school; because of all nights I had a 3 page paper due, that I had not started! But, everything got finished thankfully, but loosing power sure makes you appreciate it so much more when it is restored. I can deal with a few hours, but when it is a few days (which happened about 2 weekends ago) it starts to get rough (lol).