Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Relationship Wednesday: Would you marry a stranger for love?

What is the key to falling in love & having a long and successful relationship/marriage?  If there was a simple answer to this question, more relationships would last!

A few months ago Fyi, TV launched a new show, a social experiment, called "Married at First Sight"...

    .. To be honest, I thought it was the most ridiculous idea that I had ever heard!  How could complete strangers fall in love and have any chance of having a successful marriage!?

Over a few weeks leading up to the big premier I heard peoples opinions as it advertised, and decided that I wanted to watch at least one episode .. maybe it was curiosity!

With the number of dating websites that have popped up the last few years, it is obvious that many people are seeking love; but how many would actually consider binding into a legal marriage to someone they wouldn't meet until the reached the alter!?  and After 5 short weeks would they stay married or get a divorce!?

Many people showed up initially to the meeting, not knowing the full details of how this experiment would work and what they had to agree to.  It was interesting to see the reactions and surprisingly every one didn't walk out once they knew. (lol)  I don't think that I could go through with anything like that.

Among those who decided to take this big chance to find their soul mate experts tested and interviewed candidates, matching them based on many areas; and finally came up with 3 couples to use for this social experiment.. But would any of them decide to stay married after the 5 weeks or would they get a divorce?

I can't lie, after watching the 1st episode I wanted to watch the 2nd too! :)

It amazed me how these couples grew as they went from getting married, to their honeymoon, to moving in together, and finally deciding what to do at the end of the 5 weeks.

On last night's 6 month later show, it was interesting to hear their thought on the experiment; and what they believed made a successful relationship/marriage work (or not work)...

Relationships are about communication, supporting one another, being strong when the other is weak, and loving the little things in my opinion; and the couples that stayed married also pointed most of these out in the ideas on what makes it work!

Season 1 seemed to be a hit for the Fyi, TV show "Married at Fist Sight" because the are searching for individuals to participate in the next social experiment now (Singles Wanted).

What are your thoughts... What makes a relationship work? Would you consider going this route to find love?