Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Is Eagle Eye that far fetched?

I'm sitting here watching Eagle Eye, it really makes you think about the power of technology!

My husband and I got into this conversation about the possibility of a computer doing theses acts.  He doesn't believe it would be possible, but I don't know...

After taking classes for the past 4 years, I know that much of this is possible.  However, I know most of the movie is beyond possibilities a lot of the tracking could happen with a human working the other end!
In today's world of technology, people post way too much online.  Sharing locations and telling everyone what they are doing at all times.  Is this really safe?

A friend was telling me a while back about someone they knew who posted their plans to go away for the weekend, in reality notifying everyone that the house would be empty.  That weekend they robbed for everything they had!

The right information in the wrong hands could be a disaster!!

I love technology, but I try my best to post things after-the-fact; and with limits.  I think maybe this is my paranoid side working over-time.  Lol

However, like in the movie... when someone knows too much about you or wants to use technology for tracking/stalking behaviors it is possible.  More so than any of us probably know possible!

Eagle Eye is a great movie, but it can give us all alot to think about! AND when we do, answer me this... Is it really that far fetched?  I don't think so! :)