Monday, June 8, 2015

Being/Becoming Transgender

There's been a lot of talk and shows moving focus towards being/becoming Transgender in the last few weeks/months; and I am not sure how I feel about it all, to be truthful!

I watch ONE Soap Opera, The Bold and The Beautiful, and recently they changed things up and made Maya a transgender woman.  Honestly, if they wanted to have a character that's transgender it's not a big deal, but making a character that already has a past/story thats been told wasn't the way to go... in my opinion.  

and Rick's reaction was what is politically right somewhat.. not the typical reaction you would have gotten from him!!  ((If you watch the B&B, you know what I mean!))

They should have had a new character enter the show and show the life and transition, I think!!  However, I know that all the talk about Bruce Jenner revealing his transition into being a woman probably encouraged the B&B to do so.. maybe not, I don't know.

I believe that everyone should have the right to be happy and be whom ever they want to be in life!  If transitioning from Bruce to Caitlyn brings happiness, then I'm glad.  However, I am about tired of hearing about it every time I turn on the television!!

Kids are asking what in the world, and I have no clue where or how to explain!  I think this may be better suited for privacy.

I feel bad for the kids though, I mean.. they are losing a dad and gaining another mom?  How does that work, I wonder.  I'm sure little kids would have a hard time grasping this!!  It's nice to see that the majority of Bruce's kids support him and don't have major issues (on camera, at least).  I hope the other's in time will grasp things and be able to regain that family unit in a new way.

Today there has been a lot of talk about the new docuseries (Becoming Us) airing on ABC Family tonight about a 17 year old boy, Ben, who learns his parents are divorcing & his father wants to become a women, and how he struggles to come to terms with things!

Although, this all is interesting in some ways I struggle!  I struggle with the fact that I just can't think this is right to be putting your kids through.  I mean, if you feel you need to transition then do so, but why make other's feel like they were a part of your lie/cover-up and leave them wondering if the love you say you had was ever real; and to add kids to the mix to deal with it.. just isn't right, to me.

Things can't be changed for the people who are sharing their stories now, but hopefully others will see the difficulties that their family had to deal with and be real with their self before living a life they later will feel is a lie.

I wish them all happiness and the ability to connect and live life to the fullest!!

I'm curious what you all think??