Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Has Life Thrown YOU a Curve-Ball?

Life is never simple, but sometimes it throws us a curve-ball that we could have never dreamed!

I've been talking to a lot of friends and new people about their lives and some have stories of the impossible dreams coming true; yet, others have stories about things that you'd never wish on another.  Regardless, both have inspiring stories of how it changed their lives forever!
In the next few weeks (maybe months) I am hoping to join with a few of these Bloggers and individuals where I can share these stories with you all!  ((I can't wait))
I've had a few curve-balls during my lifetime, but no matter how horrible they were there are people who have experienced much worse; and many have been blessings that changed the direction in which I continued go! :)   I'm hoping to share a few of my own life stories with you all as well!

Has Life Thrown YOU a Curve-Ball?  I'm sure it has!  Please, leave a comment below and tell me your story or share a link to it (These won't be published unless the are legit).

Looking Forward to Sharing...

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