Thursday, August 18, 2016

Tree of Life Wall Art Project

A while back we redone our living-room and my husband kinda took it over (lol) with all his deer heads!  The wall behind our L-Shape Couch I claimed!!  Well, It's been a while and hunting season is approaching and he's been joking with me, about being able to hang one or two on deer heads on MY WALL, NOT!!!    I know he's joking because I have been talking about my BIG plans for it, for months .. So, it's NOT FUNNY! (lol)

For a few months I have been throwing around ideas in my head for "my tree of life wall" & have come up with the perfect one... and he ain't getting it (LOL).  I found some free cut outs of tree's that people have used to create beautiful wall art in their homes since I have been brainstorming; however, I just wanted something that I had not seen!!  Then I seen something that brought what I wanted to Life!

You see, I wanted to have a tree coming out of the edge of each side of my wall like it was coming together, as our families came together when my husband and I married.  Then in the middle would be our little family that was the result.  Sorta like a family tree, but different.

Last week I had to order some materials for some decals I needed to make for a friend , and decided to get what I needed for "My Wall" project.

Photoshop is my best friend (lol), so I had everything that I needed saved and ready when my package arrived, BUT I had to get my decals done first!!  Ughh (lol)

So Tuesday night after I was done with those I started cutting what I needed.  Then I started applying it to the wall.  When I started on the left side I begun to worry because it appeared so much smaller than I thought it would!  (I'm kinda off with measurements lol)  BUT I knew that much more needed to be done as well and it should come together in the end!!

It was late, but finally I had all the big parts on.. my heart and the tree's entering at each side. This is what I got accomplished on Day 1...

Day 2: Wednesday Night I waited on my teenage daughter to bring me my frames and picture that she was printing.  BUT I didn't know that she was planning to go shopping before returning home!!  This made me get a late start; so, I didn't get a lot done.  I got a few picture hung and added a few leaves and branches.  The idea is to have my family on one side and my husband's on the other, and our family in the middle.  2 families coming together and starting a new one!

This is what I got accomplished on Day 2 ..

It's Thursday, Day 3 or working on our tree of life project on my wall and it has really gotten me excited to see it finished, but I will have to wait because I ran out of frames and need to print some different pictures because I don't think I am going to add a ton, just special ones for now!!

This evening I finished what I could... I put up all the frames I had where I could see where I needed branches, leaves, and birds.  I has really blossomed into a beautiful creation, I think!  I am so glad that my vision is almost a reality and has turned out as beautifully as I pictured months ago.

This is what I got accomplished on Day 3...

**The bright white frame on the left of heart I put in to show that I knew there would be one there!

 Hope to share the finished version very soon!!  Until then...

~See ya later, Ginny