Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Week of Chaos

This has been truly been a week of chaos! School started on Monday for the girls and for me on Tuesday; and I have realized that it is time to get a good schedule started and enforced once again!

The school board changed the times that the kids have to be at school with 10-20 minute difference in the take in/let out times this year for the 3 schools. However, this puts my 3rd grader having to be in class at 8:15am and my Freshman doesn't have to be at school till 8:30am (she is loving that) and she also gets out 20 minutes later as well; and this has caused an issue with my work schedule. I am rushing home now to get my youngest daughter off the bus because my oldest gets home later. It is a workable schedule because it gives me just enough time to get home(I'm pulling in at the same time as the bus); but it has caused some chaos this week.

The bus has not come at the same time not once this whole week.. but this morning was her earliest @ 6:32am... Glad we were ready! I am not a morning person at all.. so this is extremely early in my book. My daughter is not a morning person either, so it is a challenge some mornings. I try my best not to start the day off wrong by fussing or getting aggravated because I do not want her to have a bad day at school.. this however, can be a challenge some mornings.

I think that time to accomplish everything has been the biggest issue; because my youngest daughter still needs me to help on most of homework and now my oldest daughter is taking harder classes and she needs that too; leaving little time to get my school work done; and believe me there has been a lot of that due this week too. (lol)

I think that getting a schedule (again) will help us all, especially once they get back into the school routine!! I DID get a chance to get their new school chore charts printed and ready to start; the chores are different in the school year vs. the summer time ones because they have more time on their hands... and they make more of a mess being home all day too (lol)!

Well, I am so glad that this week of chaos is almost over.. and with a 3 day weekend to look forward to as well. This will give us all time to re-cooperate and get ready for next week! (lol)

I hope you all had a great week ; and that it was not a week of chaos for you.. but if it was, just remember tomorrow is a new day!! So, SMILE!! :)