Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Week of Chaos

This has been truly been a week of chaos! School started on Monday for the girls and for me on Tuesday; and I have realized that it is time to get a good schedule started and enforced once again!

The school board changed the times that the kids have to be at school with 10-20 minute difference in the take in/let out times this year for the 3 schools. However, this puts my 3rd grader having to be in class at 8:15am and my Freshman doesn't have to be at school till 8:30am (she is loving that) and she also gets out 20 minutes later as well; and this has caused an issue with my work schedule. I am rushing home now to get my youngest daughter off the bus because my oldest gets home later. It is a workable schedule because it gives me just enough time to get home(I'm pulling in at the same time as the bus); but it has caused some chaos this week.

The bus has not come at the same time not once this whole week.. but this morning was her earliest @ 6:32am... Glad we were ready! I am not a morning person at all.. so this is extremely early in my book. My daughter is not a morning person either, so it is a challenge some mornings. I try my best not to start the day off wrong by fussing or getting aggravated because I do not want her to have a bad day at school.. this however, can be a challenge some mornings.

I think that time to accomplish everything has been the biggest issue; because my youngest daughter still needs me to help on most of homework and now my oldest daughter is taking harder classes and she needs that too; leaving little time to get my school work done; and believe me there has been a lot of that due this week too. (lol)

I think that getting a schedule (again) will help us all, especially once they get back into the school routine!! I DID get a chance to get their new school chore charts printed and ready to start; the chores are different in the school year vs. the summer time ones because they have more time on their hands... and they make more of a mess being home all day too (lol)!

Well, I am so glad that this week of chaos is almost over.. and with a 3 day weekend to look forward to as well. This will give us all time to re-cooperate and get ready for next week! (lol)

I hope you all had a great week ; and that it was not a week of chaos for you.. but if it was, just remember tomorrow is a new day!! So, SMILE!! :)

Monday, August 27, 2012

A New Me: Trying to Find my way back...: Lately I have been LAZY.. TIRED.. and just feeling wore-out; to be quite honest. I remember feeling this way before I lost the weight; and...

Thursday, August 23, 2012

How I think Facebook could help!

One of my favorite movies is Amber's Story; not because it is a true story about a child (Amber)is kidnapped and killed, but because her mom made sure that something GOOD can from it!

Amber Alerts are sent out across this Country every day for missing children; and it has helped save many!!

Facebook started allowing users to opt in to be an organ donor, right from them. Making it easy for users to become a donor & helping to save many lives as well. After all, a lot of people visit Facebook everyday, why not market something that makes a difference in this world to help make a difference! This got me thinking...

I think that Facebook could help the Amber Alert system in so many ways! They could have a space for the alerts.. When a child is missing it stays on that child, highlighting the area and details, and allowing members to share and maybe add information straight from there. They could even have it as a notification that is sent out to all their users on their phones and in their messages.

Children go missing every day and we have to do everything within our power to try to get them back safely; and I think this is one of the many ways that Facebook could help!!

My most embarrassing moment

One of the most embarrassing moments of my life happened not long after my husband and I moved into our own place.

We were young, only 18/19 years old, with no kids and enjoying having the time of our lives.

One afternoon we were enjoying each other's company as grown-ups in love would... I'll leave it at that (lol). Sitting around watching television in our birthday suits when he swears that someone is at the house.

I had not heard anything!! I figured that he was trying to trick me, like he loved to do; and I swore he was just kidding with me.

"Seriously", he said.. "There is someone here!"

Well, I did not believe him... so, I got up.. buck-naked.. walked over to the door, and slung it open! Saying to him... "See! There is no-one here!"

BUT.. THERE WAS!! OMGosh... It was MY MOM!! (LMAO)

I was so embarrassed that I immediately slammed the door in her face! Once I was dressed and went back to the door, I did not want to open it back up (lol) because I was mortified!

The first words out of her mouth when I opened the door back up was, "Tell him I heard him running to the back of the house" (lol).

If I would have even thought for a second that there was someone there, I would not have opened that door; especially, if I would have known that it was my mom (I guess better than my dad, lol). I know she wished I had not opened it either because she was embarrassed too, but no ways as much as I was!! I truly believe that this was the most embarrassing moment in my life... However, today it does get a good laugh!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

No Words Will Help...

   Yesterday, I attended a funeral/wake for a baby... Funeral's are difficult, no matter what age the person may be, but a baby or a child who hasn't truly experienced life yet is really hard to bare.

    A family member was pregnant and everything was going great; and there had not been any problems the whole pregnancy. However, out of the blue she starts bleeding; worried out of her mind she went to the ER to see what was going on and they told her the baby had died.  This was the worse thing that ever happened in her life she believed, but giving birth and holding this beautiful newborn was 1000 times worse.

   Trying to express your sympathy at a time like this is hard in itself, but knowing no words will help is far worse.  You just want to do anything you can to take the pain away, but you can't.. it's so hard when nothing that you do can or will help.  I guess just being there if they need you and listening when they need an ear, is the best things we can do!

   The funeral was a memorial event, focusing on family and togetherness.  I am glad that they decided to do something like this because I believe that it will help them move forward.  Although, I know it will take time and faith to help them along the way.

     The ceremony was followed by releasing Balloon to Heaven, for River.   It was so sweet and the kids (which would have been the siblings of River) really enjoyed and embraced the thought of doing something special in the memory of him.

     I think this was the sweetest thing ever; and it amazed me how the balloons stayed together all the way up and almost seemed to form pictures as they did.  

In Loving Memory of River Grey

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Have you got your tickets yet?

   Enrique Iglesis and Jennifer Lopez are in Concert tonight!! I just seen tickets for it listed at Ticket America, staples center tickets, and they will be there tommorrow night too!  I wish I lived in Los Angeles, CA because I would like to go.  I checked around to see if they were coming to my area, but they aren't! :(    Ticket America does have us airways center tickets too; the Phoenix Mercury vs. San Antonia Silver Stars (WOMEN)'s game will be there on Aug. 19 @ 3pm!!  However, I think the best find for me on was at the power balance pavilion formerly arco arena tickets because Carrie Underwood will be there on October 13, 2012!!  The Ringling Bros, and Barnum & Bailey Circus will also be at the Power Balance Pavilion in Sacramento, CA 9/6 thru 9/9.  I know my kids would love that, wouldn't your's?

Which concert/event would you rather attend??

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


   I decided to take a break after my current class because I have been overwhelmed with the school load on top of family life and work.  Sometimes we just need a break to take a breathe in life.  I know that is what I am in need of.

   Taking a breather will allow my brain to rest (lol) and let me get a head-start on the first few chapters of my next class before being swamped with those and homework the first week of class.  I am hoping that this will help me from being overwhelmed with it all and maybe it will be a litlle easier to keep up.

   I am hoping to get a schedule in place, like I used when I first started classes.  Having a schedule really helped me accomplish everything I need to in the week; and it prevented me from feeling overwhelmed everyday because everything seemed to get done when it was supposed to.

  So, my goal is to start working on a schedule that will allow me to get everything done on time without getting stressed out and feeling overwhelmed!!

  Wish me luck... lol

Monday, August 13, 2012

Trying to stay happy on my dad's birthday

I spent the day with my mom today, remembering my dad on his birthday!  He died 5 years ago and it is still so very hard for her.  Personally, I try to remember the good times and knowing he is in no more pain; however, she just wishes he was here (as do I).  I wish she could smile on his birthdays and not be so sad.. but I do not know what to do to change that for her!  

I could not imagine loosing my husband after so many years together; and now she is alone and confined to the house due to her health.  I know she sits and dwells on the loss and negative things in life; and I wish more than anything that she had a companion to enjoy her life with or a hobby that could make her smile the way she used to.  I know I hate how she handles it, but I wonder would I be the same if I were in her shoes.

It is hard to spend the day trying to keep yourself from being sad and just remembering the good times on this day (his birthday) with her being so down.  It is especially hard on Valentine's day when you want to be happy and think of love, or even the kids wanting to share their Valentine's with her; because she doesn't think of it as the holiday it is anymore (I don't either as much anymore); because they buried him that day!!   

Don't get me wrong... I understand completely why she feels like she does, I only wish I could help in some way!  It's hard seeing someone you love in such a depressed state; and that doesn't allow me to be happy in the memories instead of dwelling on the lose!

My hopes are that she will one day be able to remember the happy times and the life the share without the sadness overwhelming her thoughts!  

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Define a Champion?

  When we think of what a Champion is, we often look at the competitors in sports; like all the gold, bronze, and silver winners in the on-going Olympics!

  If you would have asked me yesterday how I would define a champion, I would have answered pretty much the same as the first sentence in this blog...   However, I have been looking at that a bit different today because of a quote I read earlier!

  I had to go pick up some supplies for my mom this afternoon and on the white board in the hall, there was a quote that said... "A Champion is Someone Who Never Gives Up on their Dreams!" (unknown author)

  I love short, powerful quotes that make you think about life differently!!
Quotes that ....
  • Inspire us to be a better person
  • Encourage us to chase our dreams
  • or that simply make us remember a special moment/person and SMILE!
What are the quotes that you love?  Share them and help brighten someone else's day!! :)