Friday, May 3, 2013

Misinterpretations in the online classroom....

  Don't get me wrong, I love going to school online; but sometimes it can be a challenge to interpret how someone is meaning a phrase or question.. I hate when I re-read what I have written sometimes and it makes no sense to me (and I wrote

  I just started a new class this week and it is another Math.. ugh!  I used to love Math, but over the past 3 years, I have really begun to hate it!  All of the functions and equations give me a Head-Ache!  I really hope that I did not pick a degree that is going I will have to work with these everyday.. because if I did, I foresee a change in the near future. (lol) I am thankful to be this far in my degree (BIG pat on the back) and this is my last Math that I have to take; so, the storm's almost over! :)

   Classes are always 'all over the place' the first week.. learning what each instructor expects, what the schedule is like, meeting new team members, and so on is very hectic, to say the least and when it is a class that isn't easily understand, it is 10x worse (in my personal opinion).

   Well...  getting back to my original point in writing this blog (lol).. misinterpretations in the online classroom (really online, in general)!!

   I get into class and haven't completely understood how the instructor operates his classroom & the new concepts.. Therefore, I asked a few questions and have also replied to students this week.. BUT somehow I am feeling like the replies/comments that I have received are somewhat sarcastic ones!

   And I do not know if I am misinterpreting these because of how uptight and lost I am about the class.. or.. if they are really commenting thinking 'DUH, do you seriously not know what you're talking about?' (lol). Honestly.. I hope it is me just taking them wrong because I do not like taking classes with other's who are arrogant towards their classmates.. but if so, I guess I gotta deal with it somewhat!

    I need (and want) to get this class over and done with ASAP.. where I get on to more fun and creative classes! :)   I'm sure that there will be misunderstandings in some of them as well, but it will all be worth it in the end!!