Monday, April 8, 2013

Should women think like a man in today's dating world?

Do you think that women should "Think like a Man"?

I have a lot of single friends/family and young women in my life that are just starting out in the dating world or been in it for years with no success; but things are so different in today's world vs. when I was dating!

As I sit here watching the movie, "Think Like a Man", I wonder if some women should go back to these rules in the relationship world (that used to be the normal).  Would they get hurt less?  Would they find that special someone easier?

As my daughter's get older I focus on the values that I hope I have instilled clearly over the years; because I want her to hold every boyfriend to certain standards..

Every women should require her man to respect and to treasure her values, treat her with dignity, and she should do the same (respect him and herself as well) ...

However, I wonder how much some of these this matter's in today's relationship!?  (And it's sad!)

The movie "Think Like a Man" is a comedy about four woman who are tired of meeting the wrong type of man/or the issues with the one they already have.  Each of them buy (or end up with) Steve Harvey's Book, Straight Talk; and they use it to demand respect and a relationship without intimacy; but when the men catch on, it's payback time. (lol)  Hilarious and kinda romantic all in one.. check it out if you haven't seen it yet!

The points in the movie that are being highlighted are important tips, in my opinion, in any new or existing relationship; and I think more relationships should start off and continue for a while in the 'basic getting to know and respect you phases' and hold true to the values we should stand by; and more relationships would last a little longer & be a little stronger!! .. However, this is just my opinion.  Please, let me know what you think.

Thoughts or tips?

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