Sunday, June 28, 2015

Writing to ease the mind..

      I love to talk, yet I often find it hard to say the right words when I need to, it is hard to express my feelings and thoughts in person often.  I used to write letters or write in a journal just to get my thoughts out there; and if I was having a issue with someone else, it was easier to write them a letter... whether I decided to give it to them or not!

    When is the last time you wrote a letter?  Does it help you to communicate in writing?  Why?

     I found this extremely helpful when I had heavy thoughts in my relationship, writing a letter to my husband was always the easiest way to say everything needed without being interrupted or sidetracked in some way.  Once my husband read the letter he was able to see my points of view; and then give me his honest thoughts as well.  Somehow this has been a key way of communication in our relationship and effective as well!

    Writing is a way that allows us to express our selves like no other.  With no distractions in our thoughts, we are able to really get our true feelings out and look at things somewhat differently afterwards (in many cases).  It can be a stress relief in some ways as well; allowing us to be honest with the person we are writing to or to our selves.. even if we ball it up and toss it in the trash afterwards, we relieved the thoughts from our mind.

    Writing to ease the mind can be helpful personally or in a relationship or any kind....  all we have to do is make the time!