Friday, January 23, 2015

Dyslexia isn't as Scary as I thought

Yesterday everyone was talking about Jennifer Aniston  reveled that she had dyslexia.  The Doctors TV Show went into more details about it this morning as they discussed how she has revealed it.  As a parent whose child was recently diagnosed with dyslexia, it is nice to hear different experts talking and giving more details!  Using these outlets to get more information, resources, and ways to work around it will be helpful in this journey.  However, as I mentioned in my previous post (Feeling Helpless), there aren't many online ways to help (that I can find).

With all the discussion about Jennifer, it is amazing how many actors and famous people that have dyslexia; however, there are many forms and it affects people differently.  It seems that the key is finding out how you cope as an individual!  This may be the challenging part, I believe.

In my daughters case, I hope to be able to find what works best for her and allow her to learn ways to work around it.  It's scary, but I am going to find the resources that she needs to get a handle on it and be able to learn to read; and have a productive life ahead.

With all the new talk and information because of Aniston's revealing, I have a better understanding; and dyslexia isn't as scary as I thought!!

*See the story about Jennifer's reveal at
*The Doctor's Website

Thursday, January 22, 2015

A New Hobby

Recently I got a new hobby when I became interested in Window Decals.  However, I learned quickly that my machine has major limitations!

I added the software I needed for more options, to my Christmas list; and my husband and kids got it for me! :)  I knew I was getting it, watched them wrap it, then had to wait 2 whole weeks to play with it... IT WAS TORTURE (lol)!!

Since then, I have been having a BLAST cutting new things!!

A few days ago I decided to cut an image that I had saved in my digital scrapping files that I use to doodle here and there.

After cutting the pink cancer symbol with gloves, I decided I wanted a background.. So I went with gold.  It's hard to see in the photo, but I love it!!

I have enjoyed doing different initials for windows, the wide variety of choices that are available, is amazing; and opens up the world of creativity! :)

I don't have my pictures right now because my desktop crashed recently, I Hope to share some others with you soon!!

Have a great Day!!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Feeling Helpless

Frustrated that I can't do anything and knowing I don't know where to start to find anyone to help... 

These are the things that were rushing though my head as the doctor told me that he didn't think my daughter would ever learn to read, much better than she can right now (a second grade level)!  She has dyslexia with some other issues that make it hard when it comes to reading.

What will her future hold if she can't read? What will it be like as she enters middle school next year? Did I do something wrong? Is this really fact or does he not know what he's talking about?

The unstoppable thoughts that race won't turn off, they continue to make me think of how hard life could be for her if she isn't able to read. However, I don't want her to know that he said this because I want her to try her best to accomplish reading; and not have the thought that she can't do it in the back of her mind!

As a parent, I hate feeling helpless!

I have been searching for tools that could help her, but I have learned that there is a huge gap when it comes to finding educational materials, games, and programs for children in her age group!  Everything is focused on preschoolers, first - third, or older  school aged children.   There are some of these that focus on the skills she needs; however, because they are focused towards a different age it is either boring to her or she is completely lost.  I'm going to keep searching though, because I refuse to accept this!!

I have made an appointment with the school; and hopefully when we meet for her yearly assessment we can put a plan into place that better suits her needs; and this could help her accomplish this life goal!

Please keep us in your thoughts/prayers as tackle this in the upcoming days, week, and months to come! ((Thanks))