Friday, October 5, 2012

Setting and Tracking Your Goals

A friend asked me to do a Potty Training chart for her daughter; so, I have been looking around for idea's on what kind of accomplishments the charts would have and so on.  I came across the  Disney Princess Potty Training Chart | Potty Training Concepts chart and many others that can be printed for Free right from home.     They have Dora, The Cars, Basic Charts, and other character charts as well.

~If you are looking for a great potty training chart or concepts; check it out, the site is 100% focused on this topic.

Charts are a great way for kids to track their goals and accomplishments; and adults too.  Personally, I love Goal For It ( because I can track personal goals, the kids goals (with rewards), create and track lists, and even set household goals.  All of which I am able to print or track online; and I can set personal goals that I can decide to keep private or share.

Setting and Tracking your goals can help you accomplish things; and help kids work hard to accomplish their as well.  So, I hope that this can help you or a friend reach your goals!

Just Believe!

  When you look into the mirror, what do you see...  Do you like the person looking back at you?  Do you believe that they can accomplish anything?

  So many of us walk through Life, scared to challenge ourselves; in fear of failure. If you answered no to the questions I asked or if you realized as you read them that this is you... Get out of your own way!  Don't be scared to strive for what you want or believe in; because You CAN do anything that you set your mind to in Life!

   Life is short and dreams are important.. So, the next time you you look in the mirror, Tell that person staring back that they can accomplish ANYTHING in Life and Believe it!