Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Romantic Wednesdays: "Romantic Buttons"

What are your Romantic Buttons?  What are your partners?  Do you know what they are!?

I was reading an article earlier that said "We all have Romantic Buttons, and knowing your partners Romantic Buttons could help you with a partner that is being cold and distant".

However, I think that these questions are better known 

to keep the fire burning... 

Many people aren't romantic by nature, but their partner knows this about them (I'd hope).  However, even when this isn't the persons nature, something sweet and/or out of the normal will be romantic to their partner.

Knowing the 'romantic buttons' will give you an advantage when you are trying to some them some extra love-n-care..

Simple things can make your partner melt-into-your-hands... I think would include (but not limited to):
  • Sweet gestures.. little notes, texts, of something that lets them know they are your 'one', when you're not together.  
    • My husband used to work out of town; so, I would always stick a note in his bag before he left.  Sometime during his trip he would find it; and it made him feel loved and miss home a little.  I think the little things like this help connect a relationship on some new levels.
    • A text out of the blue that says "Thinking of you!"  (If this is something that wouldn't normally occur)
  • A foot rub... I don't know about all of you, but there is nothing better than a good foot rub/massage.  It's like heaven (lol).  My husband seems to feel more relaxed and enjoy one as well.  However, this be something that you or your partner could hate.. knowing this is key! 
  • Full Body massage... will leave your partner relaxed and you may even get one in return!  This is not only a relaxation tool but could also be a romantic one as well if you know their romantic buttons! 

Try to make them feel loved & wanted, in my opinion, is an important key in any relationship, but know what your partners' romantic buttons are (what turns them on, so to speak) is as well!  Yes, these things are important to know when the other is cold and distant (mad.. lol); but using them to bring you closer is never a bad idea either.. I think!!  What are you all's thoughts?