Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving in the ER..

  I left work this morning on the way to get the kids from the hunting farm, where they hunted with my husband this morning (a little tradition he has started).  I had talked to him a few times after they had got out of the woods and he had asked what time I would be coming; however, I didn't know exactly and I was pretty busy trying to get everything accomplished.

  I was about 10 minutes away when my phone rang; and I knew it was my husband calling because of the ringtone.. I was aggravated already and so I kinda answered "WHAT.. I am almost there!!!" (I know that was kinda rude) and he said "I am glad because the kids Rolled the 4-wheeler and I think Kaitlyn's arm is broken!"  My heart dropped and my foot pressed the gas petal a little harder and I prayed that she was Okay the whole way there!

  Once I finally arrived at the farm I was sooo happy to see that they both were okay and it didn't appear to be broken, but she was in a lot of pain and it was bruised pretty bad.  However, she said her chest hurt when she breathed and so I went on to the ER just to make sure that she was alright.

   Thanksgiving in the ER wasn't as horrible as I imagined it would be; because honestly, I was dreading it the whole way!  They took us on back right after checking in ( and checked her over (surprisingly, her arm didn't seem to be as non-movable as it was on the way), and they told me that they were going to do a few x-rays to assure nothing was going on.

   After the x-rays were looked over we found out that nothing was broken (Thank God), but the bruise should be expected to get bigger and darker; and probably not go away for a little while.  The cleaned her face and neck for the rub and scratched and sent us on our way.. almost 3 hours later.

    The Turkey didn't get in the oven to way later than planned and spending Thanksgiving in the ER was no ways what I imagined the day being; but I think this is one year that I am truly beyond Thankful for my kids and my husband!  I love them more than Life itself; and could not bare the thoughts of what it would be like without either of them!!

   The accident could have been a 1000 times worse than it was, we see it every day; but thanks to God it was pretty minor compared to the what if's!

  I hope that today you were able to see just how precious Life and family/Friends are to you (Hopefully, not with a scare as I did); and were able to express those feelings with the people that mean the most to you!

  Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!

Black Friday Chaos

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