Wednesday, August 15, 2012


   I decided to take a break after my current class because I have been overwhelmed with the school load on top of family life and work.  Sometimes we just need a break to take a breathe in life.  I know that is what I am in need of.

   Taking a breather will allow my brain to rest (lol) and let me get a head-start on the first few chapters of my next class before being swamped with those and homework the first week of class.  I am hoping that this will help me from being overwhelmed with it all and maybe it will be a litlle easier to keep up.

   I am hoping to get a schedule in place, like I used when I first started classes.  Having a schedule really helped me accomplish everything I need to in the week; and it prevented me from feeling overwhelmed everyday because everything seemed to get done when it was supposed to.

  So, my goal is to start working on a schedule that will allow me to get everything done on time without getting stressed out and feeling overwhelmed!!

  Wish me luck... lol