Saturday, April 27, 2013

No One's life is unjudgeable!

     In a conversation with an old friend, that I ran into a few weeks back, we caught up on each other's lives and reminisced about old times; and it was quite nice.  Looking back on the conversation that we had and I realized how easy it can be to judge another person and to be judged as well!

     I was reading the posts on my wall on FB last week and one caught my eye... a friend was ranting and raving about 'someone' (I'm not sure who), that pissed them off.  It happens to us all, but Social Media  really allows people to 'put it out there', if you know what I mean. lol

    No One's life is unjudgeable.. I know I have my faults and I'm sure that you do too!

     My neighbors  friends, family, and even myself.. do things that could be seen as negative, bad, or hurtful by someone with a different outlook on life.. but so often we judge others without looking at our own lives or the things that the person staring back at us in the mirror is doing first.   What could I change to be a better, what could you do to be?

    I read a picture quote that said to "Spread a Smile and it will Brighten another's Day!".. and I think this is so true!

    The next time I am tempted to say what someone else should be doing in their life or why I don't understand why they do some things they do.. I am going to remember to look at my life from outside the box and see what I need to fix as well.  I want to better that woman in the mirror and always remember that no one's life is unjudgeable; and I hope you will too!

     ... Hope you have an awesome day and find something new that brings you true happiness in this life.  See ya soon!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

What does your online presence say about you?

Lately I have been reading a lot of posts, blogs, tweets, and Facebook statuses.. and I have formed opinions (as many people do) about the person they belong to; but are these opinions sufficient?

Most people write about the things they are passionate about.. their family, kids, life, and the things they love or hate; and a reader will get the feeling of who the writer is and what their interests are (in some sense).

However, often we will judge or get the wrong impression if the writer doesn't present the message correctly or if they're angry, hurt, or disappointed at the time; and the reader may get the wrong impression about who they really are!

When someone reads what you have written in a post, comment, blog, status update, or tweet does it reflect who you truly are as a person!?

When I am online, I try my best to present myself as I truly am!  I try my best to be the mom I want my kids to look up to and respect; and not someone that embarrasses them or my husband in any way.

However, some times it can be difficult to stay quiet and not express my true thoughts or opinions on certain issues or comment when someone acts disrespectful, "perfect", or inappropriately online!

I find it most difficult to see teenagers presenting themselves in a way that I would never allow my own children to be, unaware of the consequences that could result from the things they say, things they upload or like, and the way they present themselves online! ... Not realizing that some of those things can hurt their reputation, prevent jobs in the future, or even put them at risk of worse things as well.

So.. I wanna know, "What does your online presence say about you?"

Saturday, April 13, 2013

A free Ab Machine.. Must be a sign (lol)

 So.. today my neighbor was out in his yard and called me over to ask me if I wanted a piece of equipment that he no longer used.. a Exercise machine...A New Me: A free Ab Machine.. Must be a sign (lol):

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Why is Miley is afraid of the car?

Miley is my beautiful baby.. well, technically she is no baby (lol), she is our pet.  However, she does feel like a part of the family.  Therefore, it worries me when she has something wrong with her, just like it would if it was my child.  Miley has an anxiety of riding in the car and this worries me  a lot and disappoints me too; because I would love to take her riding!

When we got Miley she was just a puppy, only 8-9 weeks old.  On the way home she acted a little anxious, which I thought was normal for her first car ride.

The next day I wanted to take her to the vet to get her checked out and get her first set of shots.  On the way home she was acting a little stressed out; so, we stopped by a friends house to let her get out and walk around, because we had a long trip home and my friend only lived a couple blocks away.

She got sick in the car right as I pulled up and again on the way home too.

A couple of nights later we took her for another ride, trying to get her used to the car; and again she gets sick (this time in my lap, ugh).

I really hate that she has an anxiety of the car!

I tried ever-so-often over the past year or two to get Miley to go riding, other than to the vet, and every time it's the same result.  The last time, we only went about 3 miles up the road to get gas.  She was panting the whole way, slobbering like crazy.. I thought she was going to have a Heart Attack; and this really scared me!

I thought this was rare.. You know, a Dog with an Anxiety (lol), however, I was wrong!

When I searched this topic, I learned that dogs can experience all kinds of anxiety.. weird, huh?

I could only find one article about dog's with anxieties of the car; and I have tried all the suggestions the reply offered on Cesar's Way.

So.. does anyone have any tips that I can use to help Miley on her next car ride?

She has to go to the vet soon and I don't want her to experience another panic attack.. they are awful!

Thanks in advance for any useful advice; and I would love to hear your pet stories!  Has your pet experienced an car panic or another pet anxiety?

Monday, April 8, 2013

Should women think like a man in today's dating world?

Do you think that women should "Think like a Man"?

I have a lot of single friends/family and young women in my life that are just starting out in the dating world or been in it for years with no success; but things are so different in today's world vs. when I was dating!

As I sit here watching the movie, "Think Like a Man", I wonder if some women should go back to these rules in the relationship world (that used to be the normal).  Would they get hurt less?  Would they find that special someone easier?

As my daughter's get older I focus on the values that I hope I have instilled clearly over the years; because I want her to hold every boyfriend to certain standards..

Every women should require her man to respect and to treasure her values, treat her with dignity, and she should do the same (respect him and herself as well) ...

However, I wonder how much some of these this matter's in today's relationship!?  (And it's sad!)

The movie "Think Like a Man" is a comedy about four woman who are tired of meeting the wrong type of man/or the issues with the one they already have.  Each of them buy (or end up with) Steve Harvey's Book, Straight Talk; and they use it to demand respect and a relationship without intimacy; but when the men catch on, it's payback time. (lol)  Hilarious and kinda romantic all in one.. check it out if you haven't seen it yet!

The points in the movie that are being highlighted are important tips, in my opinion, in any new or existing relationship; and I think more relationships should start off and continue for a while in the 'basic getting to know and respect you phases' and hold true to the values we should stand by; and more relationships would last a little longer & be a little stronger!! .. However, this is just my opinion.  Please, let me know what you think.

Thoughts or tips?

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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Do you love to capture all of your Memories?

I love looking at all the pictures of my girls when they were small.  I take the scrapbooks out every so often and look at the memories that were captured over the years; and I'm so thankful that I saved them.

However, some of my pictures have began to fade and I have been scanning them to the computer in order to keep them safe; but recently I decided to start making digital scrapbooks that I can put onto a disk, printed, or given as gifts with the MyMemories Suite v4.

.. and I have decided to give a copy away to someone else where they can do the same!

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  This month I have decided to Give-A-Way a FREE copy of my new, favorite Digital Scrapbooking Software..  the MyMemories Suite v4 (a  $39.97 value!).

The deadline to enter this special Give-A-Way..  April 15, 2013

 MyMemories Suite v4 is an awesome piece of digital software and it is so easy to use and SO much FUN!

You can Create your very own personal albums, scrapbooks, or add movie clips to your scrapbooks; making your scrapbooks interactive and unique...

The possibilities seem endless!  ... I have only had it a few weeks and I am addicted already!

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Wednesday, April 3, 2013


Last month, we hosted our first give-a-way.  and no one entered; and I was so disappointed!

It's hard to believe that of all you Moms and Creative minds would have jumped at the chance to win a full version of Digital Scrapbooking Software!

...  and I was a little disappointed because I have been getting more traffic and thought it was time to do something FUN!  :(

However..  I have faith that this was just an oversight and everyone had no idea that I was giving away such a great product that could help you treasure your memories for many years to come!!  (I'm all about capturing these days because the kids are growing way too fast!)

I want to offer another chance on this one, because I have grown to love it! BUT I don't want it to be another disappointment..

So... RATE/COMMENT THIS POST and let me know that YOU WANT ANOTHER CHANCE TO WIN YOUR FREE COPY! :) and for new give-a-ways to follow every-so-often!

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