Monday, July 23, 2012

The Same Name

When we buy a car, often we can't think of no one else we know that drives one that looks like this one... then when we buy it, we see them everywhere (so it seems).

When I was pregnant with my first daughter, my husband and I discussed names and we wanted one that was different. After months we chose her name and tried to spell it differently too. However, her first year of kindergarten.. we realized it wasn't too rare. (lol) There were 2 kids in her class and another 20 at least in the same grade. One little girl even had the same middle name; however, none of them are spelled the same, because we spelled her's Alexus, non that I seen anyways.

I have gone the majority of my life not knowing, but one person who spelled their name (Ginny) the same as mine... most people have an 'e' oe use a 'j'; and never having the same middle name with it (lol). However, today I was in the Community reading my friends blogs and forum posts and there it was.. the first time ever... someone else with the same first and middle name; and spelled the same as well; Ginny Marie! Wow, that is so weird! I tried to send her a message just to tell her how odd this was for me and see if she had experienced the same feeling, but I was unable to make contact. However, during the process I enjoyed reading her blog (check it out, Anyways, How many people do you know with the same name as you? I guess that now I can say I have seen one.