Sunday, December 2, 2018

Tonight was Hard

Tonight my daughter was in a Christmas Concert, but I didn't have the money to attend.  It breaks my heart that money was the thing that kept me away.  I wanted to go and watch her more than anything!

I've been out of work for about 6 weeks now, the second time since August.  The first time was for 34 days, but I was only back to work 3 weeks before the lady I sit with ended up back in rebah for physical therapy again.  

The struggle had began the first time, but I believed that getting back to work would help me to back on track before things were too bad.  However, when she had to go right back it wasn't good!  I decided to go ahead and file for unemployeement since I didn't the first time, and I started applying for other jobs because it became clear that mine was no longer reliable.  However, I'm still waiting on unemployeement to approve or not and no response fromm any of the 20+ jobs I've appied for.  

I've tried my best to stay positive and do what I canto stay afloat, but tonight really hit me hard!!!  My daughter was very understandable, but she shouldn't have to be!  She should have hadher parents in the audience supporting her just as the other kids did.

Christmas is 23 days away and I can't help but wonder will it be yet another disappointmen she may have to endure.... I sure hope not!  I know gifts aren't the meaning of the Holiday, but it sure feels like the are a huge thing on the list of must-haves.

Don't get me wrong, I am very thankful, things could be much worse.  We are healthy and have a roof over our heads!!  Some don't have that this year!

However, I can't help but worry because if something doesn't change really soon we are going to start to lose things that we have worked really hard to get and get into a financial hole that it will take months/years to dig ourselves out of.  

So, keep me in your prayers that things will turn around, if you don't mind.  It releases some stress being able to get the worries out, if only for a minute!

Happy Holidays!  Wishing you and your family all the best!

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Tree of Life Wall Art Project

A while back we redone our living-room and my husband kinda took it over (lol) with all his deer heads!  The wall behind our L-Shape Couch I claimed!!  Well, It's been a while and hunting season is approaching and he's been joking with me, about being able to hang one or two on deer heads on MY WALL, NOT!!!    I know he's joking because I have been talking about my BIG plans for it, for months .. So, it's NOT FUNNY! (lol)

For a few months I have been throwing around ideas in my head for "my tree of life wall" & have come up with the perfect one... and he ain't getting it (LOL).  I found some free cut outs of tree's that people have used to create beautiful wall art in their homes since I have been brainstorming; however, I just wanted something that I had not seen!!  Then I seen something that brought what I wanted to Life!

You see, I wanted to have a tree coming out of the edge of each side of my wall like it was coming together, as our families came together when my husband and I married.  Then in the middle would be our little family that was the result.  Sorta like a family tree, but different.

Last week I had to order some materials for some decals I needed to make for a friend , and decided to get what I needed for "My Wall" project.

Photoshop is my best friend (lol), so I had everything that I needed saved and ready when my package arrived, BUT I had to get my decals done first!!  Ughh (lol)

So Tuesday night after I was done with those I started cutting what I needed.  Then I started applying it to the wall.  When I started on the left side I begun to worry because it appeared so much smaller than I thought it would!  (I'm kinda off with measurements lol)  BUT I knew that much more needed to be done as well and it should come together in the end!!

It was late, but finally I had all the big parts on.. my heart and the tree's entering at each side. This is what I got accomplished on Day 1...

Day 2: Wednesday Night I waited on my teenage daughter to bring me my frames and picture that she was printing.  BUT I didn't know that she was planning to go shopping before returning home!!  This made me get a late start; so, I didn't get a lot done.  I got a few picture hung and added a few leaves and branches.  The idea is to have my family on one side and my husband's on the other, and our family in the middle.  2 families coming together and starting a new one!

This is what I got accomplished on Day 2 ..

It's Thursday, Day 3 or working on our tree of life project on my wall and it has really gotten me excited to see it finished, but I will have to wait because I ran out of frames and need to print some different pictures because I don't think I am going to add a ton, just special ones for now!!

This evening I finished what I could... I put up all the frames I had where I could see where I needed branches, leaves, and birds.  I has really blossomed into a beautiful creation, I think!  I am so glad that my vision is almost a reality and has turned out as beautifully as I pictured months ago.

This is what I got accomplished on Day 3...

**The bright white frame on the left of heart I put in to show that I knew there would be one there!

 Hope to share the finished version very soon!!  Until then...

~See ya later, Ginny

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Must See Tuesday: Soul Surfer

I was talking to a friend the  other day about the shark attacks that have happened on the coast.  This conversation made my daughter mention the movie Soul Surfer, which my friend had never seen.  I was SHOCKED!!

There are so many movies that are awesome and inspiring that many have never seen!!  So, Today I wanna do something different, and try to keep up with weekly if the readers like it.. a MUST SEE MOVIE TUESDAY!!  

Soul Surfer is a true story of a surfer, Bethany Hamilton, who had her arm bit off by a shark and overcome the odds/struggles that accompanied that with her drive to surf again!  Wonderful Story!!

First, Take a look at the news story...

If you haven't seen Soul Surfer, watch it soon, it's a GREAT MOVIE!!!

A Bonus look at a documentary of Bethany's life..

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Kindergarten Class Gets Therapy...


Last week I heard the craziest, yet kinda funny (if you still have a sense of humor-->;which most don't these days) story!!  A 5 year old little boy's class (I'm assuming Kindergarten) gets therapy because of a huge mix up at a bakery.  BUT did they really NEED therapy for it!?

  Personally, I don't think so!  There are so many other ways this could have carried out, in my opinion.  Let me tell ya the story and then we can debate...

   The lady I sit with has a few day time shows that she watches, one being Judge Mablean's Court.  On the show a lady was suing a Bakery owner because of a mix-up; which she said resulting in the school getting therapy for her 5 year old son's class.

  She had ordered a Mickey Mouse Cake for his Birthday.  Rushing, she only glanced at the cake before taking it to the school for his party!

  The Bakery owner, also RUSHING, assumed her cake had been marked with her last name.... since there were 2 (very different) Mickey Mouse cakes scheduled for pick up that day!!

  It was funny because when the Judge asked what she was suing him for, she had to ask again because she didn't think she had heard her correctly!!  ((LOL))

... You see, the 2nd MM cake schedule for pick up that day was for a Bachelor type party and it was for a Mickey Mouse Penis Cake.. You read right!!!  a Mickey Mouse Penis Cake!

  Can you imagine the reaction when that cake was opened in front of her son's teacher, maybe a few parents?!  OMGosh, I CAN! Talk about embarrassing!!  (((LMAOOoooOOo))) I'm sure it was NOT funny at moment though!

   BUT did this really need to go as far as the school getting therapy?  I don't think so!!

Honestly, I think getting therapy probably made the kids think about it more-so than they would have... BUT they didn't show the picture; and it could have been very graphic!  I just think that there could have been a few smugges made by the adults or cut where no one realize it was the genitalia.

What do you think..  Do you think therapy was necessary?

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Just a Little Graduation MIx

Hey Everybody!!

   Long time, no see!!  Sorry, I mostly Blog on A New Me these days!  However, I do hope to make some changes soon.  I've really been thinking about a make over for this place!  :)

Anyways... I can't believe that Graduation is TOMORROW!!  Wow, how time has flown this year!!

So, lately I have been working on a project for my daughter's graduation party.. a video that shows her growing up!  (it really does.. lol... no one will ever sit and watch the whole thing, I'm sure)

During my search of awesome music that could fit the occasion, I came across this video of this video of the Kahuku Class of 2015 Senior Class doing a dance/music mix up!  It's pretty cool!

I told my daughter their graduating class should have done something... she just looked at me, like.. "NOT!" lol

Check it out!!

They did a good job, huh!?  

Well, anyways, I hope to be back more regular soon!!   Congrats to all c/o 2016 Graduates!!!

Saturday, January 23, 2016

A New Me: A message from a Stranger

A New Me: A message from a Stranger: I was sitting in the dentist office this afternoon and something out of the blue happened; and I don't know what to make of it!! I have never gotten a message like this from a total stranger...

Monday, September 21, 2015

A New Me: The Meaning Of Life

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