Saturday, March 29, 2014

OMG, Miley's Pregnant!!

We've confirmed over the past few weeks that our Miley is indeed pregnant, even though we were praying she wasn't!  She's expected to go around April 2nd - the 8th according to some estimates I have seen;  however, 9 weeks lands on the 2nd so I guess we will have to wait and see!

She is starting to lay around and is obviously miserable!  I can relate to that, because when I was pregnant I was the same way... Not saying humans and dogs pregnancies are that similar (lol). 

I feel bad for her in a way, she looks so sad!  

I'm hoping that she has them soon, but not too many!  Our first Rottie Lady had 13 her first litter; and they all lived!  It was a headache keeping up with that many and trying to find a good home as well!

Our plan was to breed Miley once and have her fixed, just to help rule out Cancer; because the vet said it was good to let a female dog have at least 1 little because of this.

However, not knowing she was even in heat, she left the yard and got hung-up with a stray.. UGHHH!!  So now Miley is Pregnant and we wait to see what the puppies will look like & how many babies she will have!

I will let you all know when the big day comes and tell you all about it!