Saturday, September 21, 2013

Supporting Brandie Love!

The  Sept. 18th, 2013 performance on the X Factor auditions show, by Brandie Love from Rocky Mount, NC was amazing!!  Her beautiful voice & fantastic song choice wowed the judges and received 4 yeses!! (You go Girl!!)

Shockingly Simon had nothing but good to say and her family was so proud and supporting!!


This story gets my attention because I know some of  her family and she has worked so hard to accomplish this dream!!  In the previous days her likes have sky-rocketed to over 100,000; and I believe once auditions are finished up, she will have triple that in no time!!  

Just thought that I would share a great story & I hope you join me in supporting Brandie as she continues this wonderful journey or making her dream of singing come true!! :)

Friday, September 20, 2013

Boy asks Santa to Make Kids Stop Bullying his Twin Sister

This is such a bitter sweet story!  Sad to see that a young girl has to deal with such ignorant behavior while trying to get an education, but so glad that she has a brother that loves her so much that he wrote to Santa to help her..

.. and so glad that celebrities can take time out of their busy lives to show support!!  Great story!!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Life's Weekly Quote: Are you Missing Out?

When I saw this quote, "Life is HAPPENING right now- Outside your screens" I knew it was perfect for this week's Life quote... and I thought the drawing was super cute too. (lol)

Everywhere we look, someone is on some type of technology.. the world is passing us by and we aren't even catching a glimpse... at times that is!

This week our community lost a wonderful lady who had been battling leukemia and it really brings this quote into perspective...

** Take time, put devices down, and make it a point to share these special moments with the people you love!  If it is only at dinner time or on a date night leave it at home or on silent.  

Don't let the world pass you by... Hope you all have a wonderful week!! :)