Thursday, August 23, 2012

How I think Facebook could help!

One of my favorite movies is Amber's Story; not because it is a true story about a child (Amber)is kidnapped and killed, but because her mom made sure that something GOOD can from it!

Amber Alerts are sent out across this Country every day for missing children; and it has helped save many!!

Facebook started allowing users to opt in to be an organ donor, right from them. Making it easy for users to become a donor & helping to save many lives as well. After all, a lot of people visit Facebook everyday, why not market something that makes a difference in this world to help make a difference! This got me thinking...

I think that Facebook could help the Amber Alert system in so many ways! They could have a space for the alerts.. When a child is missing it stays on that child, highlighting the area and details, and allowing members to share and maybe add information straight from there. They could even have it as a notification that is sent out to all their users on their phones and in their messages.

Children go missing every day and we have to do everything within our power to try to get them back safely; and I think this is one of the many ways that Facebook could help!!

My most embarrassing moment

One of the most embarrassing moments of my life happened not long after my husband and I moved into our own place.

We were young, only 18/19 years old, with no kids and enjoying having the time of our lives.

One afternoon we were enjoying each other's company as grown-ups in love would... I'll leave it at that (lol). Sitting around watching television in our birthday suits when he swears that someone is at the house.

I had not heard anything!! I figured that he was trying to trick me, like he loved to do; and I swore he was just kidding with me.

"Seriously", he said.. "There is someone here!"

Well, I did not believe him... so, I got up.. buck-naked.. walked over to the door, and slung it open! Saying to him... "See! There is no-one here!"

BUT.. THERE WAS!! OMGosh... It was MY MOM!! (LMAO)

I was so embarrassed that I immediately slammed the door in her face! Once I was dressed and went back to the door, I did not want to open it back up (lol) because I was mortified!

The first words out of her mouth when I opened the door back up was, "Tell him I heard him running to the back of the house" (lol).

If I would have even thought for a second that there was someone there, I would not have opened that door; especially, if I would have known that it was my mom (I guess better than my dad, lol). I know she wished I had not opened it either because she was embarrassed too, but no ways as much as I was!! I truly believe that this was the most embarrassing moment in my life... However, today it does get a good laugh!