Friday, September 21, 2012

Life is different for the teenager today!

On a court television show;  a teenager appeared because she started a website and made flyer's to get back at the girl who "stole her boyfriend"...

The website was named after the young girl; and the flyer's had a picture of the girl and said she had an STD and to get tested if someone had been in contact with her!

I can not believe that teenagers could be so mean... and all over a boy!

I was happy to see that the judge made this viscous teen pay for all of the psychiatrist bills and so on; and said that she would be referring the case over to the DA's office!!  ... "You go Judge!"

I remember my teenage years; and I remember how mean other one's could be.  However, it seems to be 10x worse than I remember, and technology allows things to go further than it was able to when I was that age.

I made stupid choices and did things that could have had a totally opposite outcome; as I am sure we all have.

However, the bullying has to be gotten under control.. in my opinion.  But.. I think the judge made a great discussion  and took a stand on it because the things this teenager did were extreme and uncalled for!

(Join the conversation in the community at and share how life is different for today's teen vs. when you were a teenager)

Friday, September 14, 2012

Do's and Don't of finding a babysitter??

   Our 15th Wedding Anniversary is approaching in 2 weeks; and I am excited to get a night out with my husband.. Finally!  It seems like forever since we had a night out, just us; because it is hard to get a sitter or it may be that I just don't like asking other people that have busy lives to watch my kids.  I don't know which one; probably a little of both, but I know it has been a while since we got to go out and I am excited.

  Both of our parents have medical issues that prevent us from imposing on them unless need-be; however, they never say no when we ask. We try not to ask unless it is an anniversary or special occasion, and this is one of them!! :)

  I have never really left my kids with anyone that wasn't family or a very close friend because I was a stay-at-home mom and when we did go out we went together; other than on the special occasions in which our parents or close friends volunteered.

  However, sometimes it would be nice to get out once a month again, like we used to when our parents heath was better; because date night ain't as fun when you are staying home. (lol)

 But.. what are the do's and don't when it comes to finding a sitter?  I know a few of the top ones would be the following..

They must be ..

  • Good with kids (references to back that up)
  • Trustworthy
  • Respectful
  • Good student
  • No criminal background
  • My kids like them
  • and so many more!

  So, I would like to hear what you think.. you can comment here or join the conversation in the community discussion on  Who do you leave your kids with when you need a night out?  If, your babysitter is not family; How did you find the babysitter you use?

 ...  I want to hear all the do's and don't of finding a babysitter!!!

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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

One of our babies died...

12 years ago I received a call on my daughters birthday from a good friend of mine and she wasn't wishing a happy birthday.

She said...

"Omg, they just brought a baby into the ER that is blue, his mom forgot him in the car when she went into work!"

My very first thoughts, having a 2 year old at the time, was "yeah right".. I did not not even think there could be a possibility of that happening!  I mean.. how do you forget your child?!

We talked for only a short minute because we were off to celebrate my daughter's birthday; and have a party.  However, during this short conversation we discussed our thoughts and opinions; and nether of us thought that something this bad could realistically happen.

A few short hours later I received another phone call from a co-worker which I worked with at a daycare center.  I assumed she had heard about the baby and was calling to tell me about it all... but I was so wrong!

... Sobbing and barely able to get her words out, she said; " One of our babies died!" and I was speechless!!

It is amazing how my thought process changed so quickly after knowing who this mother was personally; and knowing without a shadow of a doubt that she would have never hurt the baby intentionally!!  (However, as a mother I did still wonder how this could be possible.)

I learned that day that we all have gut instincts when it comes to any tragedy, and we have opinions based on those beliefs/thought as well; but they are so different when we know the people involved and have a personal connection.

The media tore her apart, and she barely made it through..and finally having to move to another state to move on with her life because of the people who could not stop judging.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Which tickets would you rather have?

I have looking for something fun and entertaining to do; because it has been so long since I have had a night out.  I found Coldplay ticketsWWE tickets, and Jason Aldean tickets at Tickets America.  Jason Aldean would be my 1st pick of the three though; then, maybe Coldplay... I'm not a WWE fan, but I am sure that some of you may be!!  If you are, make sure to check and see if they will be in your area because I seen a few sales for WWE Raw and Smackdown as well!!

Which of the 3 would you rather have???

  1. Coldplay
  2. WWE
  3. Jason Aldean